Graduating From College

What Graduating College Students Need To Know About Insurance

Congratulations! You are about to enter the next phase of life. This new life phase will bring many new and exciting changes involving money, living style, space, possessions and work.

As you transition into this new life, one thing you’ll need is good insurance. You’ll want to find a quality agent who might play a role similar to your academic adviser at college. Your insurance agent is a sort of personal adviser who can help you learn and understand your insurance needs, exposures, and to find competitive pricing for your insurance policies.

There are primarily 4 areas of insurance you’ll want to consider following graduation:

  1. Auto
  2. Renter’s
  3. Health
  4. One Insurance Source

Auto Insurance

While you were In college, you were probably insured on your parent’s auto policy.

If so, that’s because you lived in the household and they owned the vehicle you were driving. However, when you move into your own home/apartment and/or get title to a vehicle, you won’t be covered on their auto policy.

Now your insurance needs are different than your parents’ needs. For example, they might be able to afford a large deductible on their policy. But that might not be something you can afford.

Now is the time to call Hornafius Insurance Agency. Because we do business with a wide variety of insurance companies, we’re able to shop your insurance for you to find you the best price and protection combination designed specifically for your situation.  Also, since we are an independent company, you can call us to discuss a claim situation and you may decide not to report a claim (there are situations where you don’t want to report some claims). Since you were talking to us and not the company, the claim isn’t automatically registered with the insurance company like it would be if you do business with one of those direct writing insurance companies.

We can find additional discounts if we insure other insurance policies for you.

Renter’s Insurance

Imagine this. You finally move out of the family home (Not just for the school year but hopefully for the last time). It’s hard to believe how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years:

  • TV
  • Tablets & Laptops
  • Printer
  • DVD Player
  • Cell Phone
  • Game systems
  • Bedroom set and other furniture
  • Microwave and other kitchen appliances
  • Jewelry
  • Sports equipment

So maybe not everything is top end stuff, but if something were to happen just think about how much it would cost to replace it all. You probably haven’t quite prepared for this investment… but you don’t need to.

You’re moved in and have started your new job.  One day after work you return to your apartment and as the building comes into view you see it surrounded by firetrucks. Your neighbor accidentally started a kitchen fire, the flames spread, and they destroyed your apartment along with everything inside of it. Everything you own is gone including your clothing, furniture, and television.

What happens now? Where will you we sleep tonight? What will you wear tomorrow?

If you had renters insurance all those answers could be answered quickly and easily by your insurance adviser. A properly written renters insurance policy would provide you with additional living expenses to cover your costs of renting a hotel room, replacing your clothing and your other belongings. It will even provide the extra expense associated with Set Up costs for moving your utilities to a new location.

You may have thought insurance was the responsibility of the landlord. It’s not. The landlord’s policy covers the building only. It’s a renter’s policy that will help pay for the replacement of all your personal items.  Actually, if in the situation above, the kitchen fire was started by you you would be liable to the building owner for the damage that you caused to the building.

A renters insurance policy should also pay for a lawyer and protect you in case someone gets injured while in your apartment and/or you get sued if damage caused by you impacts neighboring apartments.

Hornafius Insurance Agency will give you peace of mind about your belongings and your liability. You can depend on us to get proper coverage for you. As with auto insurance, we’re big on discounts and we’ll make sure you get every discount available.

Health Insurance

So you just graduated from college and have a new job all lined up. However, your new employer does not put you on to their health insurance plan until after you’ve been employed for 90 days.

Since you’ve graduated from college and are now out on your own, you are no longer covered on your parents medical policy. So if something unfortunate were to happen like a major car accident or a sickness like appendicitis you would not have coverage under your old plan.

You will want to check with your parents insurance plan to find out specifically when coverage with that plan will terminate once you are no longer a full-time student.

There are many plan options available to you and being young is in your favor when it comes to the cost of a quality health insurance plan. But don’t let your good health blind you to your need of having health insurance.

One Insurance Source

After you transition from college to “real-life,” just about everything changes.

You are responsible for finding the proper insurance protection for you and your family, and insurance can be complicated if you’re trying to handle it on your own.

That is why you need an expert on your side. Don’t kid yourself and act like you know insurance- that will just get you into trouble. As an added bonus, on a regular basis we will check in with you to review your needs and help you keep current with your insurance program as your life changes.

We have agents that specializes in in helping college graduates understand insurance and find the best program available. Contact us at Hornafius Insurance Agency today at (717) 367-5126 or Request a Quote online today.