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Yes, We Do That.

There is a difference between having insurance and having protection.  Some people turn to the ads and call 1-800 for insurance.  People that want protection call Hornafius Insurance Agency and have a discussion with someone on our team.  To reach a real, personal agent at Hornafius Insurance Agency, call 717-367-5126.

Yes, There Is A Difference!

Not all insurance companies offer all options.  Some insurance companies have tricks to reduce what they might pay on an auto claim.  Do you know the tricks?  We do. We know what the companies will do and we aren’t here to represent them. We are here for YOU.

We Work For YOU!

Hornafius is not an agent for an insurance company like State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and others.  We are an independent agency which means we work for YOU by accessing many quality insurance companies.  This allows us to provide the best options to fit your specific needs.  You are unique and your insurance should be as well. Request a Quote today.

Full Tort vs. Limited Tort

Some people think they understand the difference, our experience is that very few really do.  Have you chosen wisely for you and your family?

Let’s say you are driving along when all of a sudden a distracted driver crosses the center lane and hits you.  The ambulance takes you to the hospital …..

With Full Tort you retain your full right to sue someone that hits you.  With Limited Tort YOU WAIVE your right to sue except for limited circumstances.  This is the simple version.  For more information watch this short video we made for you or give us a call to ask your questions!


Accidents happen every day, yet I have never had a person tell me that they got up that morning and decided to cause an accident.  So why do accidents happen every day?  They were accidents.  Something happened that a person didn’t anticipate.  Someone in front of them stopped suddenly, they crested a hill and the sun was in their eyes, a dog ran out on the road, a bee distracted them…. the list is endless.  So if something unexpected were to happen to you and a few weeks later you received a certified letter from an attorney asking for $150,000, $300,000, $500,000 or more, what would you do?  Yes, call your insurance agent or company and HOPE that it is covered and you have enough.

This is a good discussion to have with a qualified agent before you need it.  This coverage is designed to protect the assets you have worked hard for.  Don’t give them away.  Give us a call, we can help.


I have health insurance.  Why do I need medical coverage on my auto insurance?  Most states have auto insurance laws that require you to have this coverage with some minimum amount.  The medical coverage on your auto policy covers the people covered on the policy.  There are some major differences and advantages to this coverage over your health insurance.  Learn what they are so you can make a smart decision for yourself.  Give us a call – we’re here to help.


Uninsured Motorist

This is one of the most confusing and misunderstood coverages on an auto policy.  This only applies when someone else hits you and they don’t have insurance.  Yes, we all know that there are people driving without insurance.  So what does this coverage do for me?  Do I need it?

Only a discussion will help you make a good decision.  Give us a call.

Under-insured Motorist

What’s the difference with what you just told me about uninsured motorist coverage?  Again, this can be a confusing coverage.  This only applies when someone else hits you and they don’t have enough insurance.  What do you mean enough?  Again, this is a good reason to have a discussion with a qualified agent.  We will be happy to explain this coverage and answer your questions.  Just give us a call.

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If you have any questions at all regarding your auto insurance, call us at (717) 367 – 5126.