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Did you know that your home probably has greater risk of being damaged by flooding than by fire? Unfortunately, the standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover damage to a home or property resulting from flooding. To make sure that your home is adequately protected, you will need to consider investing in flood insurance.

Flood insurance rates vary according to the coverage options that you choose for the structure, the contents or both. We have professional agents at Hornafius Insurance Agency that will be able to help you determine the level of flood risk for your property and home. We will work closely with you to make certain that you get the level of flood insurance that is appropriate for you and your home.

Flood Insurance Myths

A number of myths persist related to flood insurance. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand the truth.

Myth #1: You do not need flood insurance if you do not live in a flood plain.

Of course, if you do live in the 100 year flood plain, your mortgage company is likely to require the purchase of such coverage. Even if only a portion of your deeded parcel is in the 100 year flood plain, you will likely get a request from your mortgage company for flood insurance.

However, even if you do not live in a flood plain, you can still get peace of mind by purchasing some flood insurance protection. As a matter of fact, if you do not live in a flood plain, your flood insurance rates are likely to be much less expensive. You can save even more money if you live in a condo or rent your home by only purchasing coverage for your possessions.

It is important to assess your risk. One out of four flood claims are made by people who do not own a home in the 100 year flood plain.

Myth #2: Federal flood insurance is enough coverage.

The program will only pay you for the current value of your belongings (ACV) and will only pay ACV for any commercial structures. The federal insurance program does not cover anything other than your heating and air systems that are located in the basement.

You also will not receive cost of living expenses from the program either. Therefore, if you have to relocate your family during the time that it takes to repair or rebuild your home after a flood, you will have to pay out of pocket.


Homeowner’s Insurance is Not Sufficient

All too often, people find themselves paying for flood damage that they thought was covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. A homeowner’s policy will not cover damage from flooding, nor will an umbrella policy.

A standard homeowner’s policy will not include coverage for flooding or earthquakes. If you want coverage for such disasters, you need to purchase a policy that is specific to them.

Even though a homeowner’s policy may cover water damage that is caused by a storm, water damage from flooding is an entirely different story. For example, if your roof comes off in a tornado and your home is damaged by the accompanying rains, then your homeowner’s policy may cover it. On the other hand, if the river bank overflows, you are on your own without flood coverage.


Worth the Investment

For most people, their home is their greatest investment and most valuable possession. It is worth taking the time and investing the small amount of money needed to protect it from flood costs.One very important thing to keep in mind is that flood plain maps do change and have recently had significant changes in the Elizabethtown area. Just because when you built your home you were not in a flood plain does not mean that you are not in one now. Do not wait until it is too late to find out if you need to purchase flood insurance. Your experienced agent at Hornafius Insurance Agency will help you research the flood plain maps in your area in order to help you determine the best level of coverage for your home.

Do not let your dreams wash away in an unexpected flood and find yourself trying to figure out how to provide shelter for your family. It only takes a few moments to Request a Quote without any risk. However, without coverage, you could be risking much. You will be amazed at just how affordable peace of mind can be.

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