Business Insurance

Business owners like you work extremely hard developing and growing a quality business and you need to protect yourself and your business from financial ruin. Yes, there are many risks that you face each day operating your business. Most of these risks are unavoidable if you want to be in business.  However, many of the financial risks you face can be transferred to an insurance company. Such a transfer of risk provides you with the assurance that all you’ve worked hard for will not be lost due to one mishap.

Protection that matters

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, business insurance provides protection in many ways, including:

  • Protection for buildings and business personal property
  • Loss of income due to a business interruption
  • Defense costs and coverage for awards due to lawsuits
  • Workers compensation protection for employees
  • Ability to secure loans and customer orders

The premiums you will pay for a quality business insurance program are small compared to the loss exposures that you will be protected against.

A quality Pennsylvania Business insurance program consists of a few different protective insurance policies that work together to protect you and your business from most of the greatest risks that face your business day in and day out. It can protect you from losses from property, employees, or customer claims.


Two great reasons to get started right away:

  1. Your business is worth a lot to you, so the professionals at Hornafius Insurance Agency will make sure you don’t have any gaps in coverage
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