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“Through the years, Dennis, Joe and the staff at Hornafius have attended to business and personal insurance needs for my family, my practice and now my parents as well. Their attention to service, together with a focus on individual needs rather than ‘one size fits all’ have been unparalleled. I never hesitate to recommend them when friends, clients or those new to town ask!”

Carolyn K Hetrick, Attorney – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius was there when our family needed them and went to bat for us with the insurance company when we had an unusual claim.  We were glad our house was insured through the Hornafius Insurance Agency!”

Gary Hiller, Director of Development, Kraybill Mennonite School – Mount Joy, PA


“Dear Dennis: Though long overdue the words must be said, A very huge “Thank You” for helping my Homestead! You worked tirelessly and tenaciously to obtain the insurance payment on our damaged septic system. Thank you for coming through for me!!! I appreciate your caring, professional, personalized service. It is with extreme gratitude that I thank you for your persistence in pursuing the insurance company until they paid the claim. You are the Greatest!!”

Jim Wilson – Hummelstown, PA


“A few years ago my husband and I were tired of paying high car insurance rates. Since some family members highly recommended Hornafius Insurance Agency, we decided to check it out. Not only did we save a lot of money, but we were also surprised at the personal customer service. Thank you.”

Gary & Gayle Welch – Maytown, PA


“In this day and age it is hard to find a company that treats me like a part of the family, Hornafius does.  They have always been just a phone call away.  They are the only company that has given me 100% satisfaction.  I would like to thank everyone at Hornafius for years of outstanding service!

John B. Murphy, J. Murphy Contracting Inc. – Bainbridge, PA


“Hornafius Insurance made starting my business very easy.  Not knowing exactly what all was needed, they took the time to explain everything and the different options I had.  I’ve had my policies for 2 ½ years now and am completely satisfied.  They continue to look for better coverage at lower rates and notify me if changing something will help costs.  I would recommend Hornafius Insurance for all your business or personal needs.  Thank you!”

Chris R. Hoffman – Mount Joy, PA


“Hornafius Insurance Company and Joe Hershey are very responsive to the needs of our company.  Sometimes we need a quick response to questions we have regarding our insurance needs and Hornafius always fills this need.  The suggestions they give us have been really beneficial.”

Lowell Bond, Integrated Contractors – Harrisburg, PA


“The Hornafius Insurance Agency has provided our business with exceptional customer service and excellent reliability. They are always there when we need them and willing to take time to listen to our needs and tailor our insurance to meet those needs.”

Joseph Rebman, O.D., Rebman Eyecare PC – Elizabethtown, PA


“My employees are my most valuable asset. With over 30 years experience with Hornafius Insurance Agency, I know my employees have the protection they need if an accident happens.”

George Martin, George’s Woodcrafts, Inc. – Marietta, PA


“Dennis and his team at Hornafius Insurance have been a tremendous help to me in evaluating my insurance needs, and making recommendations to assure that my business is properly covered. I have undergone some large changes in the last year, and have been relieved to know that their expertise has always been there for me when I needed it. I wish all the specialists I have asked for guidance from were as knowledgeable and helpful as Hornafius Insurance is! Thank you, Dennis!”

Connie Henry, President of Planned Interiors – Hershey

Simple Pleasures by Planned Interiors – Lebanon, PA


“I have been using Hornafius Insurance Agency for my business insurance needs for almost five years. Throughout that time I have received wonderful customer service and personalized care. The entire staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with!”

Laurie Yost – Elizabethtown, PA


“Dennis, I appreciate all of the time and effort that your agency has taken to provide me with quality service at very reasonable rates. It has helped to make my business more successful.”

James L Welch, CPA – Elizabethtown, PA


“Dennis (Hornafius Insurance Agency) restructured my family needs – i.e. auto/homeowners and increased my coverage, eliminated unnecessary coverage and reduced my annual cost significantly. Simply stated, they know what they are doing and always work for the customer. Thank you for caring.”

Buz Cash – Palmyra, PA


“These days, personal service is hard to find, but Hornafius Insurance Agency has been there when our family has needed them the most. The reliable service they provide is not only outstanding, but the insurance rates are competitive and the personal service is excellent. We recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to everyone”

Barry & Amy Krisko – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance Agency has served our company for many years, as well as personally. We have always been well served and satisfied. Their helpfulness is much appreciated”

John E Martin, John E Martin Contractor – Elizabethtown, PA


“My wife and I have our insurance with the Hornafius Insurance Agency and for good reason. For example, during the process of settling my father’s estate, I found that his fire insurance would expire before we had the sale. Dad’s insurance company said that they could extend the policy, but at a rather substantial amount, for one month. I contacted Dennis Zubler and within a week, he set up a policy at 1/3 the cost . . . yes, that’s 1/3 the cost. I know this was a special situation, but Dennis came through. Naturally, we are happy with Hornafius Insurance Agency.”

Werner Z Fetter – Elizabethtown, PA


“My wife and I appreciate the attention which Dennis has paid to our insurance needs. Through explanation of each option, Dennis helped us expand our coverage, while saving us a substantial amount over previous coverage. Our relationship has become a “family affair” in that our son has his business insurance with Dennis; and we are recommending other family members and friends to contact Dennis as well.”

Chuck Mummert – Elizabethtown, PA


“We appreciate the way Hornafius Insurance Agency has been proactive in evaluating our changing insurance needs and obtaining for us insurance at the most competitive rates. Also, their customer service has been excellent and they are always there to help with any insurance questions or problems.”

Kenneth B & Debora S Wolfe – Elizabethtown, PA


“I contacted several large national firms to potentially insure our new fiber optic business. They recommended working with the Hornafius Insurance Agency because they could handle our complex insurance needs. The Hornafius Insurance team did a great job and put together a comprehensive insurance program that will grow with us.”

Bob Leggett – CEO, AIFOtec, Inc. – Middletown, PA


“Dear Mr. Zubler;

In the over 20 years that Dr. Appelbaum and I have been dealing with you, we have always appreciated your professional, prompt, and courteous service for all of our insurance needs. Many thanks!”

Sincerely, Mrs. P.C. Appelbaum” – Dr & Mrs. P.C. Appelbaum – Hershey, PA


“When you have an issue with insurance coverage, or if you need to file a claim, you want to work with people who really know the business and care about you as a person. Dennis and his staff are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. We trust them and they work hard for us.”

Dan & Kym Helwig – Elizabethtown, PA


“For more than ten years the Hornafius Insurance Agency has accommodated our insurance needs in a professional yet personal way. Dennis Zubler is never too busy when we call with a concern, and he even takes time to contact us with ways we can save money. We are so delighted with the quality of service at Hornafius Insurance that we would never dream of taking our business elsewhere.”

Chris and Tammy Ficca – Lebanon, PA



You have a great team working to support the community. The team is always responsive to my questions and service needs. We are lucky to be a client of yours.”

Rick & Cindy Price – Elizabethtown, PA


“When my independent insurance agent retired he sold his practice to another agency. My premiums skyrocketed. My daughter Tammy recommended Dennis Zubler and I am glad she did. Dennis came to our home, explained the various options and saved us a substantial amount of money.”

Cheryl Tibbens – Harrisburg, PA


“We have been associated with Hornafius Insurance for six years and are delighted with their products and services. During that time we have purchased two homes and added two drivers. In addition, Dennis was able to secure homeowners insurance on our summer home when other companies were leaving the market. Thank you!”

Jim & Bernadette Schoch – Elizabethtown, PA


“The personalized, genuine care and concern you have shown to us is remarkable. Any questions or difficult issues we have always felt confident that you took care of our best interest. You really saved us money when we had two teenagers driving and that is always appreciated. Thank you for the professional, exceptional customer service we have received over the years!”

Debra & Paul Swinko – Hummelstown, PA



We have very much appreciated the service we received as it relates to our recent claim. The response was very quick and we were able to settle without any hassles or difficulty. Again, thank you for the service.”

Jeff & Lucia Nolan – Elizabethtown, PA


“Periodically we conduct an annual review of our insurance expenses. To our pleasant surprise, not only did we continue our auto insurance with Hornafius Insurance Agency, we switched our homeowners policies to Hornafius Insurance Agency at a savings of over $200.00. Thanks Dennis for your hard work.”

Allan & Lynda Thrush – Elizabethtown, PA


“Insurance is something that has always turned me in the other direction. I must say that your Agency has taken the fear out of choosing which services our business has a true need for. Thank you for making my life a little easier by bearing my burden for me.”

Susan Pavelic, Pennsylvania Delivery Services, Inc. – Harrisburg, PA


“We have total confidence in Hornafius Insurance Agency. They have strived and succeeded in helping us get the best insurance for the best cost. The personnel are always courteous and immediately helpful. It’s a pleasure to do business with the agency. Thank all of you!”

Richard & Verna Dorn – Camp Hill, PA


Dear Dave & Dennis – I am so happy that you could help a widow to have more money to pay my bills. There will be more to help me. I pray that you will always work for the people and keep praying, God knows our hearts. Bless you all.”

Anna Jean Dorwart – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has always been prompt and efficient with responding to our family’s needs. No phone call is ignored; in fact, it is returned the same day. Dennis has worked with us regarding homeowners, automobile and umbrella policies and we know we can rely on him and the staff of Hornafius to keep us protected.”

Rick & Sue Creveling – Bainbridge, PA


“Having personal service in today’s automated “techno” world is very rare and very much appreciated. Hornafius Insurance has always given that personal service. I have had to call Dennis with several problematic situations over the years and he always takes the time to listen, solve, and investigate any problems to the best of his ability. Thanks for all your years of service!”

Cindy Mohn – Hershey, PA


“Recently, my husband and I were working against a deadline to get insurance information together. Valerie at Hornafius Insurance Agency supplied all the information we needed and had it faxed to the appropriate person in less that a day. Valerie was efficient and pleasant. Thanks for the great work!”

Trudy Leedom – Lancaster, PA


“Dennis – I wanted to take a moment to commend Becky for her friendly, helpful attitude. It is always a pleasure to deal with her.”

Carlton B Geesaman, Sr. – Jonestown, PA


“Just want to say Thanks!!! . . for all of your effort in helping me keep track of my many insurance needs that you provide me. Auto, home, health,

business . . . Keep up the great personal service we appreciate it.”

Daniel V Cortez, D.V.Cortez Inc. – Mount Joy, PA


“Hornafius Insurance is the friendliest group of people who understand saving money while still having great coverage. That is what we all are looking for!”

Scott Kauffman – Elizabethtown, PA


“Changing vehicles can be somewhat stressful. There are always the “details”. I’ve always received good service with Hornafius. Becky did an extra good job when I called. She got my info, “pulled it up”, “plugged it in”, “downloaded it” and took me through the process from beginning to end! She was professional, polite… and simply nice to talk to. Outstanding work Becky, Thanks again!”

Ken Stauffer – Elizabethtown, PA


“In these days of rising insurance rates Hornafius Insurance has provided us with money-saving choices. Your service has been first class. It is wonderful to find a local, personalized agency to deal with.”

  1. Louise Longenecker – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance Agency has helped improve my real estate investment portfolio bottom line by providing me with low cost insurance products.  Claim service is unsurpassed.  Using Hornafius is a smart business decision.”

John Auciello – Export, PA


“Dear Joe – I can’t thank you enough for helping me through the insurance process.  Running a small business has enough headaches of it’s own, without having to worry about my insurance company.  Your customer service trustworthiness, and competitive prices make Hornafius Insurance Agency  #1.”

Andy Beck – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has always been very competitive in Homeowners, Auto and Business Insurance.  The immediate attention to detail has always been top notch.  Also the hours of availability are great.  I recommend Joe and Hornafius to anyone.”

Bob Gruber – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance Agency has always acted in a professional and friendly manner.  They have been able to secure excellent insurance coverage for all my needs.  Their helpfulness when having to make a claim was greatly appreciated.  In my book – none better!”

Kirby Kreider – Elizabethtown, PA


“Joe and Company have been a great help in all aspects of my insurance, from explaining coverages in detail to providing help in making claims.  I would recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to everyone.”

Pete Briggs – 743 Rentals Inc. – Elizabethtown, PA


“Dear Joe – I was so impressed with the great service that I received from you and Hornafius Insurance.  You really took the time to ask questions and find the best insurance coverage that I needed and the price was great!  Thanks again.”

Rob Cavender – Elizabethtown, PA


“In years of dealing with your agency we have always known we could count on fast and friendly service.  We are especially please that you have taken the extra time to recommend companies that have lowered our premiums yet continued to give us excellent coverage.”

Donna and Robert Hawkins – Middletown, PA


“It’s such a pleasure to call your office and speak to a real person who generally can answer my question on the spot.  Keep up the great customer service, we really appreciate it.”

Lance J. Harper – Lancaster, PA


“The Hornafius Insurance Agency has provided our business with exceptional customer service and excellent reliability. They are always there when we need them and willing to take time to listen to our needs and tailor our insurance to meet our needs. Your agency has been there to help our business and me personally whenever the need arises”

Daniel Greene, Greens Landscape – Milesburg, PA


Joe Hershey and the people at Hornafius are truly a pleasure to work with.  They constantly come through when you really need them.  We envision having Hornafius handle all of our family’s insurance needs forever.  Thank you all!”

Dave and Debbie Heins – Elizabethtown, PA


“One of the hardest things about moving to a new town is locating a new insurance agency.  Fifteen years ago we chose to go with Hornafius and have never regretted it. The personal service, competitive rates and your reliability are greatly appreciated.”

Joe Dibart Plumbing and Heating – Elizabethtown, PA


“When my current auto insurance rates were going to increase, I did an in depth search.  I got quotes from Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and Nationwide (or popular competitors) to name a few, and found that Hornafius Insurance agency offered the best rates.  I have been pleased with their service and accessibility.  I highly recommend Hornafius for your homeowners and auto insurance needs.”

Jill Hammaker – Elizabethtown, PA


“Thank you for being reliable, courteous and understanding.  Hornafius has the best policy and the best price in the market place.  I have and will continue to recommend Hornafius to anyone needing a good insurance company.”

Martin A. Gross, The Art I Do – Harrisburg, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has been the most helpful, courteous, considerate agency I have ever done business with.  Our agent, Joe Hershey has always been there in times of any emergency we’ve had.  His staff is always pleasant and resolves the problem with just one phone call.  They are a pleasure to do business with.”

Eva Fulton – Elizabethtown


“We highly recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency.  Their staff is not only knowledgeable and friendly but they are also quick to respond to all our insurance needs.  It’s a pleasure doing business with Hornafius.”

David and Charlene Anthony – Halifax, PA


“With a combined 43 years of excellent driving experience, we were looking for a company that rewards you for your good driving experience.  We found that at Hornafius and they even got us a better rate on our homeowners insurance.  We refer a lot of our friends and relatives to Hornafius Insurance.”

Kevin and Beth Groff – Mount Joy, PA


“First impressions are important. The quick and friendly service of my agent and the front office staff helped me decide to go with Hornafius instead of one of those larger companies we see on TV.”

Joshua Dove – Mount Joy, PA


“Joe Hershey was the first person I contacted when my business sustained storm damage.  He calmly told me how to proceed with my claim and even recommended a contractor who could come to my aid immediately.  I really appreciate all the help and advice he has given us over the years.”

Faith Michael Fee – Hummelstown, PA


“My family and I were on our way to Myrtle Beach for vacation.  In Warrenton, VA someone ran a red light and totaled our truck and camper.  I called Joe Hershey from the accident scene and he took all the information.  He told us to rent a motor home and go on and enjoy our vacation.  He called the next day and said everything was taken care of.  This is how Hornafius will go the extra mile for you.”

  1. Jay Williams” – Bainbridge, PA


“At Hornafius Insurance, we are not just another number.  We are always treated courteously and personally.  They service our individual needs in a timely manner.  Thank You!

Tom and Rochelle Jones – Marietta, PA


“How lucky we are in Elizabethtown to have such a caring and professional company.  The folks at Hornafius have gone over the top to help us find the best insurance to fit our needs.  We highly recommend your company.  Thanks for all your help.”

Andrew and Carole Horvath – Elizabethtown, PA


“Professional, Friendly, Responsive, Courteous, etc.  Need I say more?  We have been with the Hornafius Agency for many years now.  I find their service to be exceptional.  On several occasions I have asked them to review our coverage.  I am confident that the coverage I get is the best insurance protection for our needs at the best possible price.  If you don’t want exceptional, reliable people working for your interest, don’t come to Hornafius.  But if that is what you want for your family, then don’t hesitate.”

Bob Vogler – Lebanon, PA


“We recently switched Homeowners, Auto and Business Insurance Policies to Hornafius Insurance Agency and saved a combined total of over $1000.00!  We were very impressed with the professional, personalized service they provided us. They found policies suited to our individual needs.  The staff is always friendly and helpful.  We are confident we made the right move.”

Rick and Kelly Givens – Bainbridge, PA


“We are really happy we made the switch. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. Thanks Joe.

Rick and Kelly Givens – Bainbridge, PA


“When I have a question about our insurance policies, I always get an accurate, rapid response, with quick call backs.  Overall, we are very happy with the service Hornafius has given us.”

Ernest and Jane Romay – Mohrsville, PA


“The cost of conducting business continues to climb daily.  Fuel, equipment, materials, and labor rates are all at all-time high rates.  Hornafius Insurance is a huge help by providing excellent coverage at extremely affordable rates.  Any business owner can appreciate treatment such as this.  I have learned that peace of mind is priceless, and Hornafius Insurance has provided me with convenience and peace of mind!”

Ryan Edward Smith – Hummelstown, PA


“Dennis Zubler at Hornafius Insurance took care of some personal needs of mine. Dave took care of my auto and rental insurance and Ann and Dennis took care of my life insurance needs. They were all very professional, courteous and accommodating to me. Dennis was extremely patient with me while I changed my mind and helped me meet the needs that I wanted. I also was extremely pleased how they mailed stuff to me because of living in New Cumberland it was hard for me to get to Elizabethtown to sign things, etc. They also had awesome communication and bent over backwards to help me. I also like the letter that I got at home to fill out and return in case a disaster hits so that they would know who to contact in an emergency.”

Elaine Francen – New Cumberland, PA


“I have been doing business with Hornafius now for ten years. Their trained staff gives new meaning to the word professionalism. Their attentiveness towards clients goes above and beyond the call of duty. Excellent service.”

Jean M. Davis – Hummelstown, PA


“When buying my new car four months ago I had no idea how to go about looking for the right insurance company to cover me. Then I turned to Hornafius Insurance Agency who took excellent care of me. The only time I had to lift a finger was to sign the paperwork. Thank you Hornafius Insurance Agency.”

Angela Reinert – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance saved us money on our health insurance. As a small business owner we went from $360 a month to $249 a month for a better product!

Tom Miller – Palmyra, PA


Our business insurance was quoted $6 additional a month and the insurance was again a much better product. This time it included glass breakage and payment in the time business is down do to act of nature. Great, quick, affordable service.”

Tom Miller – Palmyra, PA


“I always have a quick response with Hornafius with anything I do, and the staff is very nice.”

Chris Witmer – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius’ staff makes you feel like your question is their top priority. You feel confident calling with the smallest question, nothing is too small for them.”

Cindy Sterling, Keystone Mobility – Harrisburg, PA


“We have been extremely pleased with Hornafius Insurance Agency from the day we walked in the door. The service from your friendly staff is top notch. And your rates are great too! Switching to Hornafius has saved us a lot of money on homeowners and auto insurance. Thank you!”

Jessica & Derrick Weaver – Elizabethtown, PA


“I have been a customer of Hornafius Insurance for over 15 years. Hornafius Insurance has always been there getting me the best rates and coverage possible. The staff has also always gone the extra mile to satisfy my piece of mind.”

Charles Barry Schmitt – Harrisburg, PA


“Dave worked hard to find the best insurance for not only our home and autos, but for our cabin and all of our toys as well (i.e. ATV’s and snowmobiles). Thanks so much. We’re very pleased.”

Rebecca & James Ulrich – Elizabethtown, PA


“Everyone at Hornafius Insurance Agency has treated me with respect and courtesy. The staff is always friendly, extremely patient and helpful. My questions and concerns are always answered promptly. I would, and I have, recommend Hornafius to my family and friends.”

Tammy Hankins – Hummelstown, PA


“I have been very pleased with what Hornafius Insurance was able to do for me in terms of offering a good auto insurance policy at the lowest rate I could find. Many other agencies always advertise and claim they can save people hundreds of dollars and this is not always true. I’m glad I am a client/customer of Hornafius because they seem genuinely interested in serving people to their best interests.”

John Matt Maharg – Elizabethtown, PA


“The service continues – keeping abreast of our homeowners and vehicle policies. Always courteous and rapid responses!”

Verna & Richard Dorn – Camp Hill, PA


“Everyone at Hornafius Insurance is friendly and helpful. They did a full insurance review of my family and were able to save us hundreds of dollars, even with a teenage driver. The level of customer service we have received has been outstanding. Thank you for the caring, personal service!”

Jae & Debbie Dupler – Manheim, PA


“Hornafius helped us obtain the proper coverage we needed for our home, camp, ATV’s and autos, and in the process saved us a significant amount of money. Thank you Dave Brumbach.”

Richard & Linda Ritter – Bainbridge, PA


“Hornafius is a wonderful group of people who make you feel like you are their only customer! They provide quick and courteous service and a level of professionalism that is rare these days. It’s an honor to have Hornafius as part of our personal and small business team.”

Dorothy L Morgan, Morgan Healthcare – Harrisburg, PA


“I must say that Hornafius has outstanding customer care. With all the companies we deal with on a daily basis, Hornafius exceeds all aspects of customer service. They are always ready to help you with your needs and always go beyond your expectations.”

Lily Dunlap, Integrated Contractors – Harrisburg, PA


“Excellent service by Valerie Reinert. A question on a discrepancy was handled professionally, and to our satisfaction. Problem resolution is important to us and we appreciate it.”

Ron Gentry – Hershey, PA


“Working with Hornafius Insurance made the insurance end of starting our business a piece of cake. Joe Hershey went out of his way to make sure that all the loose ends were tied up in our time frame.”

Benjamin Brackney, Signs by Tomorrow – Lancaster, PA


“They saved us a great deal of money on our homeowners insurance. Everyone was a blast to deal with, not like other companies. They had competitive rates that are liked.”

Brad Polinski – Hummelstown, PA


“Everyone at Hornafius is so friendly and helpful! We truly appreciated the help in finding good coverage, at excellent rates. We feel confident that we now have better insurance, and we’re saving money.”

Lori & David Herchelroath – Elizabethtown, PA


“Honestly, we didn’t’ even shop around because we’ve heard such great things about you! Now that we are with Hornafius, we realize it’s true! Excellent service in the office and over the phone (very important!), has made us extremely happy! You’ve always very helpful and we appreciate it!”

Holly Young, Puppies N Boutique II – Downingtown, PA


“Joe Hershey and the staff at Hornafius Insurance have made insurance easy to understand! We know we’re covered in any type of emergency, and one quick phone call puts our minds at ease. The personnel are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Our move to Hornafius was a wise decision for us.”

Art & Anita Paynter – Elizabethtown, PA


“Upon moving to PA from Virginia, we searched for the best value in auto and homeowners insurance. I was very pleased with the quick response and great customer service we received at Hornafius. I was even more pleased with the hundreds of dollars we are saving! And on quick notice, Dave Brumbach drew up our homeowner’s policy and stayed after regular business hours to meet with us. We highly recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency!”

Rodney and Michele Brenneman – Elizabethtown, PA


“Your office consistently offers friendly, efficient insurance coverage through good times and other. I recently submitted a claim and found your service to be excellent. Please consider me a very satisfied customer.”

Michael Wills – Mount Joy, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has been incredibly courteous and helpful with our insurance needs. The customer service is top notch! Whenever we have questions, need a proof of insurance card, or any other document it’s taken care of immediately.”

John and Lydia Hallgren – Lancaster, PA


“Dennis, our friendship goes way beyond the insurance business. You and your staff have carried that friendship. Dealing with you or any member of your staff has been a pleasure.”

Dan Greene – Milesburg, PA


“What I value most about Hornafius Insurance Agency is the friendly people and the fine service. Thanks for your help.”

Martin Spangler – Bridgewater, VA


“Ms. Reinert is an absolute delight to work with. She is so good when working with old people like me who can’t even remember what I had for breakfast!”

William R Good – Elizabethtown, PA


“The office people are very courteous, helpful and kind. Thank you. They are also very patient and understanding with us as well.”

Patrick & Sulin Flanagan – Marietta, PA


“Everyone is always pleasant and very personable. They work hard to answer all of our questions. Our experiences have been satisfying and we will continue to do business here and recommend Hornafius to others.”

Butch & Sandi Klinger – Palmyra, PA


“One of the things about middle age is that you now have dealings with people your children’s age. Dave was very professional, punctual and well informed in answering questions about my car and home policies. I have been so very pleased to transfer to your company and support an E-town business!”

Elyse Groff – Elizabethtown, PA


“Before Hornafius we did not know what customer service was in the insurance industry. You always treat us like your only customer when called upon. We cannot describe how much this is appreciated. We are always greeted with a smile and a great attitude. Thank you Hornafius!!”

Carlton Geesaman Jr – Jonestown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance is prompt in addressing our needs, whether searching for the best company for the best price or giving advice on when & how much to increase replacement value on our property.”

Kervin & Ruth Hoffer – Bainbridge, PA


“Thank you Hornafius! Friendly service with a  smile and a kind word. Plus products for our special needs at a GREAT price. Who could ask for anything more in the insurance industry! You guys are great, we are so glad we came aboard!”

Ronald and Kathleen Ressler – Palmyra, PA


“I appreciate the personal service. If I have any questions the office seems to know who I am when I call in. They are always helpful and I feel like I have the best rates I could have.”

Lisa Martin – Bainbridge, PA


“What I value most about Hornafius Insurance Agency is the personal attention. They will grow into a big company in the future. Thank you for taking care of my family.”

Britney Ly – Arlington, TX


“My boyfriend has been after me to check into Hornafius Insurance for about one year. I’m not one for liking change, but this time it was very grateful. Hornafius saved me a bunch of money on my car and homeowners insurance. It was a nice experience working with Hornafius for the first time.”

Terrie A. Kaster – Wisconisco, PA


“We are most grateful for the time, skill, and insurance expertise provided to us by Hornafius. As a health center we have a variety of coverage needs and you have been most helpful in providing that knowledge and direction. Thank you!!”

Donita Sturgis, Hope Within Community Health Center – Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance sure does understand the meaning of customer satisfaction. It’s nice to know when you have a question or concern you can call their office and be able to speak with a live person and not a machine. Thanks for being there and keep up the excellent work.”

Sandy & Jeff Royer – Mount Joy, PA


“I have never had any problem with your coverage. I have two properties and any changes I have made have been immediate. Any questions have been answered. I have been with your company as long as I can remember. I have never made a claim and I trust you to come to our aid if it was ever necessary.”

Don Kintz – Harrisburg, PA


“We were in need of insurance that was affordable, while we lived in Etown we stopped into Hornafius and they found us a reliable insurance company that greatly reduced our costs. But what kept us as customers was the fact that when you can’t reach the big companies after hours you can still reach Hornafius for any proof of insurance issues. They have continued to find us the lowest prices for our needs, even though they have changed so much. Thanks so much.”

Bill & Janice Gustafson – Lititz, PA


“We were referred to you by another new client of yours. We were pleasantly surprised by all of your knowledge about our various issues. You even managed to save us money on all our different policies. We have had a “great” year with Hornafius and Dave.”

Frank W Mayer – York, PA


“Last February I met with Hornafius Insurance Agency to obtain homeowner’s insurance for my new house and Dave was very attentive to my needs and budget. It ended up we also did an auto policy as well with great coverage and a lower premium. This agency’s customer service is beyond reproach. Thank you!!”

Kathi Lahr – Middletown, PA


“We are thoroughly pleased with Hornafius Insurance Company. They work hard to give us the best rates possible and in a timely manner. We are so pleased that we moved all of our coverage to Hornafius.”

Krystal & Mike Wnek – Manheim, PA


“Service has been good. Prices are good especially car insurance. You have been responsive with information and advice when I needed it.”

Ray Young – Elizabethtown, PA


“A special thanks to Hornafius Insurance. With so many forms to fill out and things to worry about when buying a car or a house, you are always there to show us how to save some money and save some time. Thanks.”

Josh Weidler – Harrisburg, PA


“Dave was a great help in my transition into a new house, consolidated my insurance and saved me a lot of money. The service was exceptional and I would recommend Hornafius to anyone looking for insurance – especially new home owners.”

James Elicker – Lancaster, PA


“We want to thank you for your prompt, courteous service in meeting our homeowner’s insurance needs. It’s nice to know there are businesses like yours out there to help.”

Kevin & Sherri Kanode – Elizabethtown, PA


“And on a personal note, I would like to thank you for your persistence and attention to detail concerning ALL of the policies (both personal and business) that we have with Hornafius.  In all the years that we have been performing audits, no one has ever asked us for a copy of our E&O insurance.  This week I had two customers in two days ask for proof of this.  (Whew!) I also appreciate the fact that you are accessible, knowledgeable, and a real pleasure to talk to.  Thank you so much for being in our corner.  With all of the aspects of running a business, this part is the LEAST of our worries….thanks to you.”

Dottie Morgan—Harrisburg, PA


“Several years ago, when we chose the Hornafius Insurance Agency we did not realize what a fine choice we had made.  Joe Hershey and his folks have been nothing short of superb.  For our insurance needs they hang in with us every step of the way and explain all the small details.  Their advice and suggestions have saved us countless dollars.  It’s just a good business decision to go with Hornafius.”

Lowell Bond—Harrisburg, PA


“Thanks so much for the personal service we receive from Hornafius Insurance. They always keep on top of things- even sending us a laminated article that pertained to our family.  Joe’s friendly e-mails are great.  Thanks again for taking good care of our insurance needs.

Danny & Belinda Fry—Elizabethtown, PA


“When my ceiling collapsed I wasn’t sure if my homeowner’s insurance would cover it, sure enough the claim was denied…..initially.  Thanks to your efforts, they not only reversed their decision and covered the claim, but I also received the check within a week, allowing me to fix the room before the colder fall and winter months arrive.”

Keith Verner—Lemoyne, PA


“We just love working with Hornafius Insurance.  When we started looking for insurance for our business, we called several companies and they would just give us a quote.  Yours was the first company that asked us questions about our business and seemed genuinely interested.  We tell everyone we know about you, even if they already have insurance with somebody else.  You’re just the nicest people, and we really ENJOY working with you.  Hat’s off!!!”

Jane Cavender—Elizabethtown, PA


“Valerie, Brian, and Natalie have been the friendliest group of people who understand about being helpful, and thoughtful about finding the right coverage for me.  I felt they were a part of my family.  Thank you Hornafius Insurance.”

Michael Petersen—Middletown, PA


“Before you, Brian, I did not know what customer service was in the insurance industry.  You always treat me like your only customer when called upon.  I cannot describe how much this is appreciated.  I am always greeted with a smile and a great attitude.  Thank you Brian!!”

Dr. Joseph Rebman—Elizabethtown, PA


“My experience with Hornafius has been fantastic.  I’m totally insurance illiterate and you have been so helpful and patient.  You listen to my request and manage to understand what I’m asking for when I’m not really sure what I’m needing you to do for me.

I cringed when Chris asked me to contact someone to look into what was needed for our bond issue and also check on the insurance premium for the mailing side of the business that we have now sold.  You jumped in with both feet, got me the information I needed and went above and beyond in checking our other insurance needs which I hadn’t even considered.

You, Brian are a pleasure to work with and that matters to me.  I know who to call when there is an insurance issue that comes across my desk.

Thanks so much, Brian!”

Bridget Miller—Elizabethtown, PA


“Your agency was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the application process.  What a savings!  I should have checked you out years ago.  Savings of $272 was outstanding.  Thank you.”

Charles Cobaugh—Elizabethtown, PA


“Wow I can’t believe you saved me over $400.  THAT’S AWESOME.  I can’t believe it.  That’s great.  Thank You so much I wouldn’t have believed you could have done that much better being, I was with my State Farm for so long.  Thank You again”

Tiffany Deimler—Elizabethtown, PA


“The Hornafius Insurance team value & individualize their clients and they don’t treat them as if they are a number or just income.”

Natalie Blank—Elizabethtown, PA


“You are extremely helpful with all of our insurance needs.  I am grateful for the knowledge and professionalism provided by Hornafius Insurance Agency and it’s staff.  Thanks again!”

Brian Long—Elizabethtown, PA


“My experience with Hornafius was wonderful.  I tell people whenever I’m speaking about the shop that you were a tremendous help and that your company is very inviting, efficient and that you do treat people incredibly well.  Those first few weeks of getting the company off the ground were somewhat hectic, (as you know) and your assistance made the insurance process easy and so much less stressful than it could have been.  I thank you, and Hornafius for all of your help in setting up the perfect fit for Elizabeth’s Cottage, as well as your continued support and interest in my shop!!  I look forward to a lasting relationship with Hornafius.  Thank you again for all of your kind assistance! “

Elizabeth McGarrie—Elizabeth’s Cottage in Elizabethtown PA


“The staff at Hornafius Insurance Agency not only helps with making sure we are insured correctly, they clear up the jargon that tended to confuse us in the past.  My favorite part of dealing with Hornafius is the friendly service from the moment the phone is answered.”

Gary Schell Jr.—Annville, PA


“I appreciated the prompt service and the fact that you answered all my questions. You were very helpful. I also look forward to working with you in the future.  Happy holidays to you.”

Tarry Gennett—Harrisburg, PA


“Never have I encountered the degree of customer service you give!  You do go the extra mile and I appreciate it!”

Gudrun Bender—Mt Joy, PA


“We have been a client of Hornafius Insurance Agency for the past 40 years. The employees have always been friendly and helpful and Valerie’s competent knowledge of company rates has saved us a lot of money. We trust the Hornafius Insurance Agency to meet our insurance needs and we would not be insured anywhere else.”

Doris Brandt—Elizabethtown, PA


“Valerie Reinert at Hornafius Insurance has been a tremendous help to me during the process of purchasing my first home.  It has been an exciting experience for me, but also one filled with many questions and concerns, particularly concerning insurance coverage.  Valerie has given me terrific advice and explained all of the details of my policy.  She has always been available to answer my every question, and her response time is amazing.  Each time I contacted her, including when I requested an auto policy quote, I received a reply within **minutes**.  The questions she asked me during the quoting process were much more thorough than the other agencies I contacted.  I feel assured that my property is properly covered and that I will receive the absolute best service from Hornafius.  All this at terrific rates.  Thank You!”

Debbie Tramontin—Manheim, PA


“Without question, Hornafius Insurance has been outstanding in their efforts to serve our insurance needs. I learned the hard way that when I buy a new car my insurance rates could change dramatically.  Valerie worked with me tirelessly to help choose my next car more carefully by quoting me the rates for each and every car I considered purchasing until I found the right one for our family.  Valerie and the Hornafius team helped me buy a car that is not only safe but inexpensive to insure as well.  That kind of service is not only rare, but highly valued by me personally.  Thanks to the whole team at Hornafius!”

Allen Danielsen—Bainbridge, PA


“Since switching to Hornafius Insurance we have seen significant premium reductions, in one instance in excess of 40% for comparable or better coverage, while receiving dependable service with a local presence.”

Eric G. Shank—BSW Holdings, Palmyra, PA


“When I informed my car insurance company that my seventeen year old son had his driver’s license, they had to adjust my premium to reflect this youthful driver. This “adjustment” sent my premium through the roof and made it literally not possible to stay with this company. So I took the advice of a co-worker and contacted the Hornafius Agency.

I am not the most adept at understanding insurance, but Dennis Zubler met me, after hours to suit my schedule, and explained the various options, what they meant, and what I needed or could do without. Then he did the “shopping” for me from the many companies they deal with. A week later we met again and he set me up with a company whose insurance both meets my needs and is much more affordable. How affordable? My yearly premium for three vehicles is now the same as my premium would have been for six month’s coverage on just two of them. This reflects a savings of over 58% annually.

If you would like the coverage you really need and want to also pay a lot less, I highly recommend the Hornafius Agency for your insurance needs.”

Steve Stepanovic—Elizabethtown, PA


“I have had insurance for years and years and Hornafius has treated me the best.  Whenever I come in for help, I get whatever I need. You always treat me like family and I meant that from my hart.  I’ll stay with you forever!”

Esther Borrell—Elizabethtown, PA


“You have served my family for over 50 years. When we had a claim, you saw that things were settled promptly.”

Doris Yoder—Elizabethtown, PA


“Although I did not ask you to, you researched and found I could get better coverage with a different company than the one that covered our home for over 50 years.”

Doris Yoder—Elizabethtown, PA


“I am a longstanding client and have enjoyed and appreciated the enhancement in client care over the past few years i.e.: the newspaper clippings of family members, holiday & birthday phone calls.  Most importantly I appreciate knowing that I will reach a helpful friendly individual when I call Hornafius Insurance Agency. Thanks to your entire team for your quality service. I wish you the best!”

Joanne Brubacher—Mohnton, PA


“You have given us personalized service.”

Werner Fetter—Elizabethtown, PA


“You and your agency have gone the extra mile to meet our insurance needs.”

Werner Fetter—Elizabethtown, PA


“We are convinced that we are getting the best deal around. Even calling to wish us “Merry Christmas” was great.  Prompt service & very courteous staff.”

Belinda & Danny Fry—Elizabethtown, PA


“They treat you like they’d be buying insurance for themselves. They are very courteous and friendly, prompt in returning phone calls, and helpful in finding us affordable coverage.”

Kevin & Sherri Kanode—Elizabethtown, PA


“All employees are knowledgeable and able to assist you with any questions or concerns.”

Jason Zubler—Steelton, PA


“With access to many companies, Hornafius is truly able to provide their customers with the best coverage and value for their insurance needs.”

Jason Zubler—Steelton, PA


“Dennis, you and your staff have always been attentive, friendly, and service oriented to our needs.  We appreciate how you have handled our referrals to you.”

John Smith—Elizabethtown, PA


“Your completive rates and friendly service have been a major influence in our decisions to be a Hornafius Insurance client.”

John Smith—Elizabethtown, PA


“Thank you Hornafius Insurance for outstanding service, communication, and cutting edge information for my business & family.  You are the best.  Thank you for all you have done for us.”

John Smith—Elizabethtown, PA


“You took care of us when my Jetta was totaled!!!”

Margaret Garber—Elizabethtown, PA


“I get immediate attention when I walk in your office.”

Margaret Garber—Elizabethtown, PA


“You responded to my request for research with other providers for a better rate for my multiple policies. You give me thorough and very prompt, pleasant professional service.”

Eva Fulton—Palmyra, PA


“It is a pleasure now-a-days to talk to a person—not a computer or menu.  I value such promptness in returning my phone call, and handling my irate phone call with patience and restoring my confidence in the agency.”

Eva Fulton—Palmyra, PA


“Hornafius has provided us with updates that would benefit our home.  They are always helpful when you call the office about questions. They give you the best auto insurance prices and compare to other companies.”

Angela Nye—Annville, PA


“Hornafius treats you like a member of their family. They are on top of the current value of your home and how that applies to your homeowner’s insurance.”

Angela Nye—Annville, PA


“We are very pleased with Hornafius Insurance. We would not change anything.”

Angela Nye—Annville, PA


“I value that you are a local company, easy access via visiting or phone, and quick responses to calls.”

Jason Wieand—Elizabethtown, PA


“You have evaluated my insurance needs to make sure I am appropriately covered, and obtained great rates at the same time.”

Connie Henry—Hershey, PA


“I value knowing that you’ll be there for me if I need to use my insurance/make a claim.

Connie Henry—Hershey, PA


“You shopped my insurance needs to provide me with the best price and product.”

Tom Miller, ABC Detailing & Maintenance—Palmyra, PA


“I value that you are: local owned and operated; concerned with price to help save money; want to provide a good product.”

Tom Miller, ABC Detailing & Maintenance—Palmyra, PA


“My company started using you. Over the years your service has been so great that many of our employees have chosen to use you for their personal insurance as well!”

Keith Verner, Cognitive Learning Systems—Harrisburg, PA


“It was so easy. We tell you what we need and we know you’ll find us the best rate to fit our needs. If only every other service company we worked with was so efficient!”

Keith Verner, Cognitive Learning Systems—Harrisburg, PA


“So far, we haven’t had a single negative experience. Plus, you’ve brought potential issues to our attention so they were resolved before a problem occurred.”

Keith Verner, Cognitive Learning Systems—Harrisburg, PA


“Hornafius Insurance Co. was very helpful and friendly helping us with proper insurance coverage for our detailing business. The process was more difficult than expected, but your insurance company was able to accommodate our needs perfectly. Thanks!”

Jill Cassebaum, K&J’s Detailing—Mt. Joy, PA


“When we needed to find a new auto insurance plan someone came to our home to provide information which was very convenient.”

Mary Jane Fox—Palmyra, PA


“We were treated professionally and given options on saving costs.”

Mary Jane Fox—Palmyra, PA


“I really appreciate the prompt customer service. I can talk to someone and get an answer quickly.”

Rebecca Heinz—Wormleysburg, PA


“I value that they are local. I had someone run into my parked car and I didn’t have a ton of hassle with getting it fixed because Hornafius agents were great!”

Rebecca Heinz—Wormleysburg, PA


“You provided us with good rates and coverage in home and auto.”

Mark, Dion & Kendra Hetrick—Palmyra, PA


“I value the friendly and courteous staff.”

Mark, Dion & Kendra Hetrick—Palmyra, PA


“Because I live at a distance most of my business is conducted via phone. Without exception the person who answers the phone gave prompt, reliable, and professional service—they kept their promises and did what they said they would do.”

Chris Book—Harrisburg, PA


“I value your prompt, reliable service the most.”

Chris Book—Harrisburg, PA


“You reviewed our account and helped make changes as needed. You found ways to reduce premiums that I had not been aware of, notified us when we forgot to send payments, and updated us on staff changes and provided info on each new staff member.”

Michael Thomas Zubler—Spring Mills, PA


“I value: the ability to trust the staff to make the best suggestions for our needs; the friendliness of the staff; and positive and professional attitudes.”

Michael Thomas Zubler—Spring Mills, PA


“You made it easy to pay my insurance through automatic payments.”

William D Martin—Elizabethtown, PA


“You took the time to sit down and review everything with me to make sure I had the coverage best suited for me.”

William D Martin—Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius went out of their way to find an agency/carrier to provide competitive homeowners coverage for a second location in southern New Jersey at a time when most carriers were significantly increasing their premiums or abandoning the market.”

Jim & Bernadette Schock—Elizabethtown, PA


“We believe that Hornafius is always looking out for our best interests. They are responsive to special requests and find time to call thanking us for the business.”

Jim & Bernadette Schock—Elizabethtown, PA


“Changing us to Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. from Lititz Mutual company saved us $100.00 dollars.”

Elam Eberly—Elizabethtown, PA


“Good Service. Good Prices.”

Jorge Cano—Mt Joy, PA


“The thing I value most are the reasonable premiums.”

Jorge Cano—Mt Joy, PA


“You have gotten us a great car insurance rate as well as homeowners insurance.”

David & Joyce Simmers—Elizabethtown, PA


“Your staff is very friendly and helpful.”

David & Joyce Simmers—Elizabethtown, PA


“Every question or ‘small’ problem has been taken care of right away.”

Ron & Kathy Ressler—Palmyra, PA


“I value the pleasant people; they are easy to talk to.”

Ron & Kathy Ressler—Palmyra, PA


“Keep up the good work.”

Ron & Kathy Ressler—Palmyra, PA


“I enjoy your speedy service and friendly folks to talk with.”

Glenda Inch—Palmyra, PA


“I value the cost & great service. You take the time to call with personal greetings on holidays.”

Glenda Inch—Palmyra, PA


“You explained car and homeowners insurance to me in detail.”

John Dodson—Bainbridge


“I value that you are located close to our home.”

John Dodson—Bainbridge, PA


“I appreciate your service—friendly and courteous staff. You return my calls.”

Gil & Mary Hartley—Elizabethtown, PA


“I value: you are an E-town company; good rates; knowledgeable staff.”

Gil & Mary Hartley—Elizabethtown, PA


“Polite, courteous service.”

Jenny Sappington—Mountville, PA


“You gave us an extension when we needed home repairs done. Thank you. You have very kind, easy to communicate with representatives.”

Jenny Sappington—Mountville, PA


“The few times I have needed your help, I always received prompt and courteous service.”

Judy Carnes—Elizabethtown, PA


“I value your assistance in providing the best coverage.”

Judy Carnes—Elizabethtown, PA


“I am happy with your services.”

Judy Carnes—Elizabethtown, PA


“We appreciate that every time we have called to have something changed or asked a question the matter was taken care of promptly.”

Mark Himelfarb—Lititz, PA


“It was easy to understand the paperwork—it was explained well!”

Mark Himelfarb—Lititz, PA


“You gave us good coverage at a good rate.”

Jay Williams, Jay Williams Excavating, Inc—Bainbridge, PA


“You have better rates than most companies, and very pleasant people to work with.”

Jay Williams, Jay Williams Excavating, Inc—Bainbridge, PA


“You checked with different companies to find a lower rate on my homeowner’s insurance.”

W Dale Brubaker—Hershey, PA


“For me, Hornafius is a local agency who I can confide in if I have any questions on my insurance policy.”

W Dale Brubaker—Hershey, PA


“You followed up on my daughter’s information very well! Thanks very much!”

Douglass Henry—Hershey, PA


“Buying insurance from you was quick and thorough.”

Douglass Henry—Hershey, PA


“You’re A OK. It isn’t broke, so leave it alone. You’re doing very well—thank you.”

Douglass Henry—Hershey, PA


“You found the best/cost efficient coverage for our needs.”

Richard & Verna Dorn—Camp Hill, PA


“We value that we can deal with agents on a face-to-face basis, not someone on the phone in another state, etc., and your always prompt & courteous help/service.”

Richard & Verna Dorn—Camp Hill, PA


“Right after we became new customers, I damaged my car (to prevent colliding with another vehicle) and my damages were covered without hassle.”

Patricia R Cassel—Hummelstown, PA


“Everyone at the office is very personable. The special holiday messages/greetings add a nice touch.”

Jessica Weaver—Ephrata, PA


“When Dave helped us with our auto insurance, he explained it all in great detail. No one has ever done that before.”

Jessica Weaver—Ephrata, PA


“I value the competitive prices.”

Jessica Weaver—Ephrata, PA


“You are always ready to help when we call. You are very cordial and pleasant.”

Edmund C Jones—Marietta, PA


“I felt that you always tried to get us the best price, plus good coverage.”

Edmund C Jones—Marietta, PA


“You took care of our claims promptly, even when we were in Arizona a few years.”

Beverly J Dell—Palmyra, PA


“Everyone was always kind and courteous—right there to help you and make sure you understood everything.”

Beverly J Dell—Palmyra, PA


“I am satisfied and pleased with the way we have been treated. Keep up the good work!”

Beverly J Dell—Palmyra, PA


“You have given me competent courteous service. I enjoy the telephone holiday wishes.”

Elyse Groff—Elizabethtown, PA


“I value the promptness and the reasonable costs when combining home and car insurance.”

Elyse Groff—Elizabethtown, PA


“When I needed insurance, I hardly knew where to turn as my husband had always taken care of it. Your agent came to my house, he understood the kind of insurance I had previously, and he carefully explained what was available at the best price. He made sure I understood the insurance ‘language’. Thankfully, I have not needed to use it, but I was thankful for his thorough explanation.

Marion Sisco—Palmyra, PA


“Brian has always been prompt in responding to questions or requests for quotes. He has provided more than one option for our review if we ask for input on how to handle various situations.”

Lorraine LaPorte, LaPorte Enterprises Inc.—Harrisburg, PA


“We value the one on one contact with the same agent.”

Lorraine LaPorte, LaPorte Enterprises Inc.—Harrisburg, PA


“You came to my door to save me time.”

Lorraine LaPorte, LaPorte Enterprises Inc.—Harrisburg, PA


“Great customer service—always willing to help out no matter what the situation is.”

Ashley Bew—Philadelphia, PA


“Your customer service is the absolute best! Agents are at your fingertips and always willing to help!”

Ashley Bew—Philadelphia, PA


“I am extremely happy with Hornafius!”

Ashley Bew—Philadelphia, PA


“My questions are always answered as soon as possible. Everyone is courteous and helpful.”

Gladys M Montgomery—Elizabethtown, PA


“I value that it is close to home, and I feel that I get ‘special’ help with any problems.”

Gladys M Montgomery—Elizabethtown, PA


“Prompt response to any questions or problems.”

Pauline Bodman—Elizabethtown, PA


“I value having house and car insurance at one location.”

Pauline Bodman—Elizabethtown, PA


“You have served me well.”

Beth Molloy—Elizabethtown, PA


“Valerie and the other ladies were extremely helpful when I needed to evaluate my homeowner’s policy and “tweek” it along with a separate umbrella policy. Valerie was friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt. What more can I ask for?”

Darren Miller—Marietta, PA


“I value the fact that everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, and sincere within your organization. Trust!

Darren Miller—Marietta, PA


“Good customer service and lowest cost.”

Tim Helm—Elizabethtown, PA


“I value that you keep in touch about changes or improvements I may need as a policy holder.”

Tim Helm—Elizabethtown, PA


“You grouped insurance coverage on 2 homes, autos, and camper. This grouped rate has saved us money on our premiums.”

Geoff Grogan—Elizabethtown, PA


“Friendly Service.”

Geoff Grogan—Elizabethtown, PA


“You met my individual needs as I am aging.”

Frances Reinhold—Lancaster, PA


“You have always been there when I needed you!”

Frances Reinhold—Lancaster, PA


“Service has always been first rate!”

Frances Reinhold—Lancaster, PA


“You provided me with coverage when other companies felt I was too small

to deal with and too new to take a risk on.”

William Lindberg—Rector, PA


“Your staff is accessible.”

William Lindberg—Rector, PA


“Very fast, accurate, courteous service!”

Althea Johnson—Elizabethtown, PA


“I value the convenience of doing business with a local agency.”

Althea Johnson—Elizabethtown, PA


“You have always been available to answer my insurance questions and to adjust my insurance policies to fit my ever-changing needs.

Debbie Dupler—Manheim, PA


“Everyone is very pleasant and easy to talk to.”

Debbie Dupler—Manheim, PA


“We cannot express how fortunate we were to find you within the Hornafius Insurance Group. We had many changes within the past year and your “prompt’ (which is an understatement) attention to our ever-changing needs was more than anyone could ever expect. You are “Customer Service”, in fact, you could write a book on it. We have never felt more cared for since we moved here 8 years ago. Insurance is a very personal thing and we need to know that our Insurance Company is here to stand by us and not let us be taken advantage of. When we changed vehicles and the address the dealer had given was wrong, you jumped in and called us immediately, so insurance would not be “force placed”, along with working with the Insurance Company when our vehicle drivers were misstated. You also dove in immediately when one insurance company told us we owed them money while sending us refund checks. Once again you took a hold of the situation and straightened it out.

Deb, every day we are solicited to go with different Insurance Companies. They may be cheaper, I really don’t know because with you on our side we know there is no way we would ever think about changing.

Thank you so much,

Debbie & David Heins—Elizabethtown, PA


“You have no idea how much we appreciate you.”

Debbie & David Heins—Elizabethtown, PA


“The personalized service is second to none.  Hornafius Insurance is a world-class organization dedicated to providing superlative customer service in an incredible personal manner.”

Jim Wilson—Hummelstown, PA


“The customer service skills of your CSR’s are outstanding.  I never experienced anywhere the quick response and diligent efforts of your talented folks in the Hornafius Insurance Agency.  The Hornafius Agency goes above and beyond to service their clients and they personally know and treat us like family.”

Charlene Anthony—Halifax, PA


“It is great to have our local insurance company, Hornafius Insurance behind you, when you are in need.  Joe came to our rescue, when we got water in our warehouse basement.  We had wet carpet, padding, bedding and recliners.  I called Joe and it was not long until he was there and had already found a place for us to take the carpet.  It was a local warehouse, where we could take the wet carpet, roll it out, and have it dried.  If it would not have been for Joe, we would have lost it all.  Thank you for going the extra mile.”

Joanne Miller-Roth’s Furniture—Elizabethtown, PA


“I can’t say enough good things about Hornafius.  They assisted me in finding the most suitable, cost efficient insurance policy for my home.  Customer Service is phenomenal.  They are always prepared with immediate responses and help in any way they can.  I love being a customer of Hornafius.”

Michele Kolb—Jonestown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance Agency has been a lifesaver!  Your marketing technique of mailing us a large post card with the address of one of our rental properties and the potential cost savings caught my eye, plus your customer service is just great!!  Bottom line — quality product — competitive price — customer service = ‘our business’.”

Braxton & Patty Cooley, Owners of Cooley Executive Apartments—York, PA


“Hornafius Insurance is like no other business I’ve dealt with.  Every person I’ve spoken to at the agency gives 100% of their attention to you and are genuine in their character.  They truly care about you and your needs, it’s not an act.”

Gary Schell, GAR&T Exterior Cleaning Services—Annville, PA


“I appreciated the promptness and understanding that Brian Ressler at Hornafius had as he worked with placing some commercial insurance for me. What great customer service! Thank You!”

Earl Kauffman—Elizabethtown, PA


“Valerie and the Hornafius Insurance Agency group have been wonderful to work with. They made my home buying process so much easier! I always recommend them to my friends and family, for home or car insurance”

Rebecca Heinz—Wormleysburg, PA


“I am more than satisfied with my experience with Hornafius Insurance Agency.  The Agents and their representatives are extremely courteous, patient, and cooperative.  I first came to them with the need for car insurance and received a very affordable quote with GREAT coverage.  When the time came to add my new home to the policy again the process was painless and prompt.  Thank you Hornafius for your superb service.”

Rebecca Hedrick—Lebanon, PA


“Deb Early has always been my “go-to” person at Hornafius Insurance.  When we needed to upgrade our flood insurance she made sure the proper paperwork was filed.  However, I was most impressed when we needed to move to North Carolina how helpful she was in making that transition from one agency to another.”

Gary & Cheryl Tibbens—Harrisburg, PA


“Brian, we would like to thank you for the great service that you provided for us.  You answered all of our questions with a very quick and clear explanation.  It was especially informative to learn about the disadvantages of under insuring our properties.  This could have cost us a lot of money in the future if we did not make the adjustments that you suggested.  The new lower rates that you quoted us allow us to stay in business.  Thank you very much.”

Bob & Evelyn Marvel—Harrisburg, PA


“Dealing with Hornafius Insurance is like dealing with a close friend or family.  I call and talk with Deb and she is always very helpful, besides she always returns my calls, which is unusual this day and age.  I feel like she is a friend.”

Bob & Shirley Roth— Elizabethtown, PA


“I went into Hornafius Insurance to pay for the next six months on my Homeowners.  Deb & Liz were so very helpful, they made me feel welcome.  They were attentive, caring, helpful, & happy.  I walked out with a smile and thinking to myself ‘This is great! Deb & Liz went out of their way to make me happy and save me money.’ Thank you Hornafius Insurance for such happy and helpful people!”

Veronica Edwards—Elizabethtown, PA


“I have been with Hornafius Insurance for 9 years and have always been a satisfied customer.  Most recently I worked with Deb when I was having problems with my current insurance company and she managed to solve my problems and save me $300 as well.  I recommend Hornafius to everyone.  Good Job!!”

Dennis and Julia Hackman—Elizabethtown, PA


“When I received a large post card from Brian at Hornafius Insurance it looked too good to be true.  I thought I’d call anyway to check it our.  Brian not only arrange $348,305.00 more insurance coverage he was able to reduce my deductible from $2,5000 to $1,000 for $2,000 less that I was paying to my former agent.”

Glenn A. Ezard—Lancaster, PA


“I love working with Hornafius; whenever I have a question or a change to make, they are there for me.  They are always courteous and pleasant and no task is too much trouble for them.  Most importantly, they show in many different and meaningful ways how much they really care about their customers.”

Tammy and Chris Ficca—Lebanon, PA


“We not only love Hornafius’ prices and the great coverage on our cars and home.  We truly love the staff that works there.  Whenever we call with a small question or a big whopper, they are always pleasant and caring.  Dennis Zubler was our first contact with Hornafius.  Then we had the chance to meet Valerie, Deb, and Liz-3 great girls in that office.  Thanks so much for everything you do.”

Mel & Barbara Detz—Elizabethtown, PA


“I couldn’t be happier with Hornafius; they just saved me $200 a year on my auto insurance.  I highly recommend them.”

Eric and Deborah Wise—Elizabethtown, PA


“We are well satisfied with the service we received.  We also appreciate the 40% savings on our Apartment Building Insurance. We would recommend Hornafius to anyone who owns apartments.”

Donald & Kathleen Weaver—Galeton, PA


“You were very quick at responding to my needs when I bought my new car.  Charlie picked good people for us to deal with.  Thank you!”

Jane T. Wismer—Trappe, PA


“Great job!  We really appreciated the one-on-one interaction, and the great deal at Hornafius Insurance.  We were able to save over 50% on our homeowner insurance.  What a saving!!  Thanks Deb!”

Darlene & Duane Heisey—Elizabethtown, PA


“Recently, when I added a new car to my policy, Deb went over the different coverages with me & helped me choose the best protection for my family.”
Ken & Deb Wolfe—Elizabethtown, PA


“Recently Hornafius just managed to save me 33% on my auto insurance.  I highly recommend Hornafius.”

Robert Ingraham—Hershey, PA


“Your office was very efficient & processed all of the policies we needed promptly!  Your personnel were also quite friendly during the entire process.”

Louise J. Ward— Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has very good prices on both auto and homeowner insurance.  Very friendly people.  Treat their customers like family.”

Jay Bradley— Elizabethtown, PA


“All of the people at Hornafius Insurance were very friend and helpful.  I got more coverage for less money than my prior insurance.”

Dorothy Heistand— Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance Agency has the most friendly and courteous people, including the owners, I have ever dealt with.  They found the most cost-effective companies for me for my personal residence, auto, and rental properties.  I recommend them to everyone.”

Mohan Singal—Lititz, PA


“Hornafius Insurance is the only one for me.  They are the only ones that got back to me about my car and home insurance.  They are really nice and make you feel like a part of the family.  They are also willing to answer all of your questions.”

Stacy Williams—Elizabethtown, PA


“Thank you for all of your help in assisting us with coverage on our first investment property.  Your willingness to answer all of our questions was greatly appreciated.  We are grateful to have worked with you and we plan to call when our next opportunity arises.”

Susan & Bill Ellis—Elizabethtown, PA


“They have been helpful in finding a very reasonable homeowners policy for us when we needed it. I recommend them to anyone in need.”

James Raffensberger—Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has saved me over $50 a week on my property and auto insurance.  Stop in and see what Deb and Liz can do for you.”

Glenn A. Ezard—Lancaster, PA


“As executor or my mother’s estate, my relationship with Hornafius Insurance Agency involved canceling her policies.  I received prompt, courteous service as if I was a long-term customer, which is greatly appreciated.”

David Douie—Mantua, NJ


“About the time my policy came due from another insurance company, I saw an ad in the paper about your company.  I took a chance and called the phone number and got a very pleasant person on the phone. Not expecting good news, I was really surprised to find this company saved me $250 a year on my homeowner insurance. Very surprised and happy.”

Richard Wert—Hummelstown, PA


“Brian saved me approximately 50% on my property insurance premiums.  When he first contacted me I though that there was no way he could beat my present insurance.  I had my now previous insurance since 1980.  Wow, where was Brian 25 years ago.  Thanks Brian!”

John Segro—Lancaster, PA


“Earlier this year I received a card from Hornafius Insurance Agency claiming they could save up to 37% on my apartment insurance.  The flyer contained actual rates and limits comparable to what I was carrying.  I received timely, personal, and professional serve and much to my surprise your agency surpassed what they said they could save using an equivalent rated carrier.  I ask for quotes on other apartment buildings and received similar savings. After 40 years of doing business with another agency, we switched to Hornafius, our rates are significantly better and we received personalized service.”

Terry & Katie Hammaker—Mechanicsburg, PA


“Hornafius Insurance saved us a lot of money on our rentals.  This was a great experience for us, with their helpful staff.”

Scott & Andree Green—Hanover, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has been our agency for over 10 years.  They are always quick with their research to find us the best insurance for our needs at the best rates.  The always respond to our questions and go above the call of duty to serve us.”

Joe & Anastasia DiBartimoleo—Elizabethtown, PA


“It was refreshing to talk to an insurance person who knew something about insurance.  Brian had answers to all my questions-immediately.”

Ed Tomkiewicz—West Chester, PA


“It’s the little things that count, like the calls to wish you a happy birthday or happy holiday…it almost makes you feel like you are their one and only favorite customer!”

Greg & Michelle Stuck—Mount Joy, PA


“Brian, your agency has the most-friendly people in the insurance business, which of course includes the owners.  It was a pleasure to deal with everyone involved.  Thank you for the wonderful service.”

Mohan Singal—Lititz, PA


“After years of being with the same company, which we trusted with insuring our vehicles and home, we realized we were underinsured, yet paying higher rates.  Not only has Hornafius helped to save us money, they may sure we have the best coverage for our needs, they offer personalized care, and everyone is very friendly!”

Lori & David Herchelroath—Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius saved us 40% on our auto insurance.  We commend this agency highly.  Deb explained our coverage completely-very courteous.”

John & Claudette Miller—Mount Joy, PA


“Hornafius is truly an outstanding insurance co. and we’re so grateful to have found them.  We are comparison shoppers loyal to the best coverage, price, and service, and Hornafius has won, hands down!  We continue to share with our relatives and friends, how we are now paying less with better coverage and great service, and encourage others to do the same.

Grace Knepper—Dallastown, PA


“They reduced my premium on a rental property by almost 50%!”

Paul Norcini— Devon, PA


“It was refreshing to talk to an insurance person who knew something about insurance.  Brian had answers to all of my questions-immediately.

Ed Tomkiewicz—West Chester, PA


“Dear Joe,

Your agency saved me thousands of dollars a year on my 32 apartment buildings.  I am grateful and my desire is that you can and will continue to serve my interests so well for a long time.”

Ray Deamer—Ephrata, PA


While we were somewhat skeptical when we received the postcard from Hornafius Insurance stating that they could save us money on our rental properties’ insurance costs, we made the call and invited them to show us.  We were very pleasantly surprised with the prompt and courteous service and the amount of savings, as well as, increased coverage that we are now enjoying.  Thank you especially to Brian Ressler for always being attentive to our needs”

Victor & Elizabeth Fiorino—Woodstock, MD


“I was really shocked when I got that yellow card in the mail and I am 100% satisfied.  This insurance agency is incredible.  Their pricing almost matched with the yellow card.  I am telling you, you will save thousands.  Their staff is very nice and will work with your needs.  I will recommend all of my relatives and friends to this agency.  You do not know how happy I am, I have insured my 3 apartment buildings, my house, and my 4 SUVs with them.”

Syed Z Hussain— Easton, PA


“Hornafius has been there for The Art I Do for over 5 years and I am quite satisfied with the quality of service I have received.  Your staff is friendly and exhibits a smile in tough situations.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you.”

Martin Gross/The Art I Do Painting—Harrisburg, PA


“It is difficult to find insurers for student rentals.  Hornafius cheerfully took on my business with utter professionalism and was able to cut my premiums by 60%.  They are friendly, personable people that make me feel like I am an appreciated customer.  Most insurers don’t even want to talk with me once they discover I have student houses.  They can have all my business, and I am happy to give it.”

Mark Booth—Shippensburg, PA


“The professional, personal service that I received is greatly appreciated.  Liz & Valerie are awesome.  I can’t believe that I am getting a policy with better coverage and saving $1700.00 a year.  Thank you so much.  I should have done this sooner.  You made it so easy.  Thanks again!”

Diann Hershberger—Elizabethtown, PA


“Brian, I want to thank you for introducing me to Hornafius Insurance Agency Inc.  I have saved a large sum of money on my insurance on my apartment house.”

Kenneth Balmer Sr. —Middletown, PA


“Hornafius Insurance must know how hard it is to pay high insurance premiums these days!  They truly try to keep costs low!  They have saved me some money and for that I thank you very much.  Also, Brian Ressler is friendly and professional-he is a great employee!”

Ceu Fornelos—Harleysville, PA


“I have been with Hornafius Insurance for many years. I couldn’t ask for a better company. They are always ready to help you, being kind and friendly. The insurance rates are the best. Give them a chance to serve you.”

Esther Borrell—Elizabethtown, PA


“I was involved in an auto accident, it was my first ever. I had a lot of questions and needed a lot of guidance. Liz & Valerie from your office were so kind and very helpful. I would like to say thank you to them for their kindness and patience.”

Betty Price—Hershey, PA


“Anne & I thank the Lord for the service you all give to us.  We rely on your judgment on those things we only have limited knowledge of.”

Norman & Anne Miller—Hummelstown, PA


“Brian: I extremely appreciate that you are always available or return my calls promptly. Hornafius Insurance offers competitive rates and is knowledgeable about the market and the products they offer.  Keep up the good work!”

Ron Witko for Lehigh Manor Properties—Chatham, NJ


“Deb was a tremendous help in finding the best coverage for the lowest cost.  Dealing with Hornafius Insurance made my search for insurance very easy.  Keep up the excellent work!”

Sarah Brown—Harrisburg, PA


“No matter when I have called, everyone does whatever it takes to answer my questions and gets me the information that I requested.  I appreciate this very much!”

Phil Grimm—Hershey, PA


“A friendly, straightforward, honest, and reasonable agency.  A pleasure to do business with.”

Marvin Levick, M.D. —Pittsburgh, PA


“I am very happy with Hornafius. I just moved three of my policies over to them because they saved me over 50%.  I highly recommend Hornafius to everyone.  The agency did an excellent job and really looked out for our interests.  Thank you.”

John Acri—Grantville, PA


“Best move ever made.  I wanted all policies to have the same anniversary date.  Got that.  And saved money too. What a deal.”

George & Pat Koestner—Elizabethtown, PA


This is a note to thank all the wonderful people at Hornafius Insurance for making the transition to new and improved policies as smooth as possible.  I have calculated that we will save over a thousand dollars (and this is while $1000 is still a good chunk of change) on my insurance costs on several of my rental properties this year.  Once again, I would like to thank Liz, Valerie, Deb, and especially Brian as they have a special way of making you feel like family when dealing with them.  We look forward to having our friends at Hornafius handling all of our insurance needs now and in the future, and will continue to refer friends and family as often as we can. Gracias,”

Chris Lineman—Pottstown, PA


“Twenty five years with another company and now through Hornafius Insurance Agency I have a better policy, better service, and better insurance coverage at a much better price.  Thank you Hornafius Insurance Agency for doing your homework.  May our new relationship be a lasting one.”

Abner Merkel—Bethlehem, PA


“Brian worked hard to offer me a rate that I am pleased with.  He always presented himself professionally, and saved me about $600 per year.  He was helpful with all of my questions.”

Delana Brandon—Woodbridge, VA


“It is always a pleasure doing business with Hornafius.  They are helpful, knowledgeable, and always very nice talk to.”

Dorothy Morgan—Harrisburg, PA


“I moved to the area 3 ½ years ago.  My old insurance agent referred me to Hornafius Insurance. I received my renewal this year and noticed the premium increased substantially.  I asked Hornafius to help me understand-I had no accidents or points on my driving record.  They were helpful and courteous and saved me $200.00 without compromising my coverage and I kept the same company.  It is a pleasure to do business with a firm who cares about the customer.


Alta Maher—Elizabethtown, PA


“Always very responsive and professional!”

Philip M. Weaver—New Holland, PA


“Brian Ressler has all the right qualifications to give prompt and professional service, always.”

Edward Shaw—Blue Bell, PA


“Choosing Hornafius Insurance was the simplest part of buying a new home! With one phone call to Hornafius, they did the rest to find us a great price for homeowner’s insurance.  Thanks for all you do!”

Matt & Amy Fuddy—Elizabethtown, PA


“Great friendly service, at the most competitive prices.”

Dave O’Conner, Elizabethtown, PA


“Personal service is hard to find, but Hornafius Insurance Agency has been there when our family has needed them the most.  The reliable service they provide is not only outstanding, but the insurance rates are competitive, and the personal service is excellent.  We recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to everyone.”

Al & Maria Amaral—Hellertown, PA


“Thank you for the prompt service and competitive pricing.”

Caroline Bratic—Chester Springs, PA


“I’m a firm believer in ‘if it sounds too good to be true it is.’  The Hornafius Agency and staff are one of the few exceptions to this rule.  Their old time customer service saved me a substantial amount of money in premiums on our apartments with much better coverage.  Thanks Brian and the entire Hornafius staff!!”

Wes Rittenhouse—Annville, PA


“Hornafius Insurance has a very courteous and knowledgeable staff.  They are always looking for better coverage and rates for their clients, and they have helped me save up to $500.00 on car insurance per year.  I would recommend Deb, Liz, and Hornafius Insurance because of their professionalism and customer service.”

Dario Sanchez Molina—Elizabethtown, PA


“I needed insurance immediately.  You provided it, without hesitation.  Thank you, Brian.”

John Corr—Bainbridge, PA


“After becoming another year older, and getting a new car, my recent insurance rate had increased dramatically.  I called Hornafius Insurance and asked if they had a better plan for me.  With the personal help of Deb, we searched for better benefits and rates and came up with a plan that I am very happy with, saving me a lot of money.  Thanks Deb.  I will recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to other family and friends.

Eleanor R. Myers—Elizabethtown, PA


“George and Janet is the name

Shopping insurance is no game

We came here to Hornafius

As we were sure of their care for us


To protect our home and auto

To go elsewhere we thought it naughty

So the search was on

For value price and service


You may punish the cement with your leather

But QWERTY is much much better

Gates at the speed of light is the safest harbor

To enjoy the fruits of your labor


So up and down the database

We surfed an ocean to find a policy place

Alas our ship came in and what a catch

500 clams in the net is delightful cash


Now you may TANDY about for a BEST BUY

But you’ll miss the TARGET so don’t pass by



George Kanoff—Elizabethtown, PA


“The team at Hornafius provides us with excellent service and support.  We are proud to partner with them for our insurance needs.”

Michael Schwartz,     Masters Financial-Lancaster, PA


“We are first time home owners, and Hornafius Insurance did a wonderful job of providing easy to understand information.  Valerie was very helpful and polite!”

Nick & Kyle Mohler,   Lawn, PA


“As a result of a recent multi-car accident, my car was totaled. The driver who hit our car was under-insured. The staff at Hornafius set about the effort of contacting my insurance company in order to help me get into another vehicle quickly. They also were extremely helpful in adjusting our coverage, should something like this ever happen again. A special ‘thank you’ to the entire staff at Hornafius!”

Chuck and Linda Mummert, Elizabethtown, PA


“Very good service. When I called all my calls were answered in a reasonable amount of time!”

Don Zimmerman, Middletown, PA


“I encountered quick and efficient service! Deb answered all of my questions and I received my policy in a about a week. This is easily one of the easiest insurance purchases I have ever made.”

Jake Price, Philadelphia, PA


“Deb, you are just fabulous. Tina and I are so pleased with you all that anybody that talks to us about insurance our answer is “there is only one insurance company around”!

Butch and Tina Klinger, Campbelltown, PA


“I am very satisfied with the attention and treatment I have received from your agency. Please feel free to share my words with others.”

Eugene Gish, Elizabethtown, PA


“I love calling Hornafius; they have WONDERFUL telephone etiquette and are always helpful and friendly!”

Doug and Stephanie Gellatly, Middletown, PA


“I appreciated the time that was taken to explain my options so that I was able to make informed decisions regarding my insurance. Deb showed care and concern for my individual situation. I didn’t feel like a number – but a person!”

Doug and Elaine Shenk, Elizabethtown, PA


“Thanks for the prompt, courteous service. I will recommend you to others.

Pam Nygard, Mount Joy, PA


“I was with a VERY well-known insurance company, and thought that they were offering me the best coverage and the lowest rates possible, that is, until I spoke with Brian Ressler at Hornafius Insurance.  Once I had the information that Brian needed to quote my properties, I sent it over and within the same day I had my quote.  Not only was the coverage better than my existing policy, the premium was almost half of what I was already paying.  I couldn’t believe it!  With one phone call the savings on my 15 properties was approximately $23,000.00!  Brian Ressler and Hornafius Insurance are now the ONLY Insurance Company I will deal with.  I now recommend Brian Ressler and Hornafius Insurance to anyone I know wanting to save money on their insurance.”
Annie Quinn, Storage World LLC, Robesonia, PA


“Hornafius Insurance is always very helpful with all my insurance questions and needs. They provide superb customer service and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Matt Snyder, Snyder Services, Elizabethtown, PA


“We have been quite impressed and pleased with the great service provided by Hornafius Insurance. We were in a bind before, and very quickly, professionally and diligently they helped us with the lowest price; but also very importantly gave us the same good coverage that we had before. We can’t thank you enough and we will definitely recommend you to all!”

Katherine and Joseph Skalak, Lansdale, PA


“It has been a pleasure doing business with the Hornafius staff. It’s nice to have a good insurance agency taking care of us. You actually saved us money on our Homeowner’s policy and you found us a fire policy with liability included for our rental, which we are very pleased with. We will not hesitate to tell our friends about the Hornafius Team! Thanks a million!”

John and Gayle Rusnack, Southampton, PA


“Thanks so much for changing our insurance and saving us money in the process. We had expected to pay more for adding a trampoline, but you worked hard to find the best policy for us and our rate dropped! Thanks!”

William and Janice Gustafson, Lititz, PA


“I just got to give many thanks (500 to be exact) to Val. This past Wednesday I called her with info that may settle a claim on my behalf, and lo and behold, on Friday we got the check reimbursing us for the deductible!!! You can’t find that type of fast and friendly service anymore. I can’t say enough about the service and money savings Hornafius has provided us over the years!!!!! Again, thanks Val and the entire Hornafius staff!!!

Marlin and Angie Schwanger, Elizabethtown, PA


“By switching homeowner insurance for our investment properties to Hornafius, we saved more than half of the annual premium!!! It is a pleasure to talk to the employees whenever I call. Thank you so much for mailing your yellow postcard to us. We are glad that we called!”

Annette Fitzgerald, New Freedom, PA


“As a small business owner I appreciate the great manner of service at Hornafius Insurance. Not only do they provide a service to my business, but they keep a close watch to any changes on my policy that would be of a concern to me. They have a friendly service and environment!”

Rene Maldonado, Elizabethtown, PA


“Thank you for finding me with your advertising program. It has been a very good experience dealing with all the people at Hornafius. The money that I am saving with your agency is allowing me to put the savings back into my business and make it stronger. I would also like to thank your for taking good care of my friends that I have guided your way who are now doing business with you. “

Tony and Kathy Simoes, Bethlehem, PA


“I have been with Hornafius Insurance for quite some time and I have both my homeowners and auto insurance through them. They have always been a real pleasure to deal with and their service is above and beyond. So when I needed to insure a small business I went right to Hornafius again. Once again they were able to find a policy that really fit my needs and budget. Hornafius Insurance means sound, friendly, and professional advice that will put your mind at ease. “

Timothy Strube, Elizabethtown, PA


“Brian was wonderful to work with. We now pay for a years insurance at what the down payment cost us with your previous company! Thank you! “

Christina Colson, Harrisville, NY


“When the insurance company said they couldn’t help me when someone broke into my truck while I was on a job site Hornafius reviewed my policy and found that it was covered. Hornafius definitely has the customer’s best interest in mind and they go the extra mile to satisfy them. When someone asks me about my insurance I will always refer them to Hornafius! “

Anthony Thompson, Enola, PA


“Excuse this brief interruption, but we just got our homeowner’s insurance bill, and it is lower than last year.  Over the last year we’ve been able to get better coverage for about 50% less than we were paying. If you’re trying to save some money (and who isn’t right now), I have to recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to you.  They’ll shop around and get you a great policy at a great rate.  They’re located in Elizabethtown, 717-367-5126, and we’ve been very impressed with their service as well as their prices.  Hope that helps some of you!”

Debra Farrington’s Pet Sitting, Etc., Hershey, PA


“I was pleasantly surprised at the personal attention I received from your agency staff. Much appreciated”

Jay Walmer, Elizabethtown, PA


“You have put together an incredible, winning team. Each member of your staff is professional, polite, and courteous. I just got off the phone with Angie, who was bubbling over with vim and enthusiasm. It was such a joy to speak with her.  When I attempted to e-mail this to you, the e-mail address I had was no longer effective so I called back for your new e-address and spoke to another wonderful assistant, whose name escapes me but you’ll know who she is b/c she’s only been there a week. Keep picking winners!”

Jim Wilson, Harrisburg, PA


“I was extremely impressed with the in-depth knowledge Angie possessed relating to insurance issues. She exceeded all my expectations by listening to my requirements and concerns. She presented me with adequate coverage relative to my circumstances, without ever insuring. She took the time necessary to educate me on insurance lingo and what specific language to be aware of on a policy. She is respectful and amiable to talk with. Even when I informed her, I decided not to change insurance carriers, she responded in a positive professional manner. I would be ecstatic if my current insurance carrier had an employee of her caliber. Hornafius Insurance is blessed to have Angie on their staff.”

K.D. Garber, Fredericksburg, PA


“Angela Loose reviewed both our home and auto policies in less than a week. Due to our time constraints. Hornafius did a thorough analysis that (1) helped improve the level of coverage and (2) saved us money.”

Micheal and Ann Carbon, Hummelstown, PA


“We have had Hornafius Insurance for many years and have been extremely satisfied with the service. Their high standard of customer service is almost unheard of this day and age. The staff is both knowledgeable and reliable. Questions are answered promptly and courteously. They recently reviewed our policy and saved us money.”

Roy and Darlene Junk, Elizabethtown, PA


“Angie was the Best. She took care of my insurance needs in such a timely manner. The price was the cheapest as well. She was extremely friendly and was very knowledgeable! Thanks, Angie.”

Phil Grimm, Hershey, PA


“Hornafius has repeatedly given us better rates as well as better coverage and we feel blessed to have found such a company.  In addition to the detailed care and structure that goes into each policy, because they are a brokerage insurance firm they can & will find the best price for one’s needs.  We also appreciate the staff’s kindness, patient & prompt return phone calls.  It’s total ignorance not to compare this company. Yes, I’m prejudice.  God bless your firm!”

Grace and Paul Knepper, Dallastown, PA


“Dear Joe & Company,

I want to thank you for your quick response in getting my building covered on such short notice. When I first got your flyer in the mail, it almost ended up in a pile of junk mail headed for the trash can but then something about “Apartment Building Owners” caught my eye. When I read it I thought that the low quotes had to be highly exaggerated but then I thought, what harm is there in calling to see? Am I ever glad I did! Your company reduced my insurance premium from $6,650 a year to $3,235 with twice the amount of liability coverage! I was elated! And the policy is with an A rated company just as advertised. I cannot tell you how much this savings helps our bottom line. Property taxes in Hamilton County, Ohio went through the roof last year and we are scrambling to save money on the apartment building any way we can. The insurance savings was an unexpected blessing. Thank you all so much for mailing those advertisements. I am so, so glad I found you.”

Scott McDonald, Four Towers Apartments, Cincinnati, Ohio”


                “Last year Hornafius quoted on the apartment building and it was similar to my current coverage.  This year you quoted again and the savings were almost 50% .  Thank You.

Ron Barber, Lakewood, OH


“First, let me say that I am not easily impressed.  So when I am, it’s hard not to share it with whoever will listen.  Hornafius Insurance Agency is a throwback to long ago when courteous, caring service was the norm.  We ALWAYS get treated with a friendly, personal attitude.  The birthday cards and phone calls on our birthdays mean so much to us that whenever we get offers to “SAVE ON YOUR INSURANCE,” we toss them in the waste can.  We feel, and are confident that we are already getting the best rates from you all.  You come highly recommended by us to all the people we know.  Thanks so much and we hope God blesses all of you!!!”

Edmund and JoAnne Jones, Marietta, PA


Hornafius Insurance Agency is a community centered company committed to the people in the Greater Elizabethtown Area and the people and organizations they serve. With a fabulously maintained and frequently updated downtown property Hornafius adds stability and pride to downtown Elizabethtown. The folks within the walls provide excellent response to requests, support and advice when needed and support the community financially and through volunteer service. Dennis Zubler leads by example with integrity and authenticity and works to enable others to do the same. Elizabethtown Public Library is fortunate to be both supported by Hornafius and a client of Hornafius.

Deborah Drury Beisell

Executive Director, Elizabethtown Public Library

Vice President, Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce


“Amy was very helpful & informative on getting us the info we needed!  Thanks Amy!”

Fusion Salon, Elizabethtown, PA


“Hornafius has the most polite, the very best personality and knowledgeable STAFF of any company around.”

Mel & Barbara Detz, Elizabethtown, PA


“I was very impressed with you and your company and will recommend you to others for apartment insurance.”

Brent McKinley, Dayton, OH


Would you recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to others & why?  “Because of the fantastic service & they actually saved me money.”

John Carp, Southampton, PA


Would you recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to others & why? “Very nice people to deal with.”

Marleen Kelley, Douglassville, PA


Would you recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to others & why? “Reliable & helpful for all matters.”

Patricia Koestner, Elizabethtown, PA


“All employees go out of their way to help & are very informative.”

Planet Fitness, Lancaster, PA


“Every question or request has been handled promptly, in a friendly manner.  Thanks.”

Keystone Mobility Inc, Harrisburg, PA


Would you recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to others? Why? 1. Cost of product  2. Quick service in answering     questions.

Braxton Cooley, Tucson, AZ


“Good service, good price.”

Bob Frisch of Spectrum Management LTD, Waterville, OH


Would you recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to others? Why? “Every time I called, she was able to take my call.”

Clint Leroy of MARG Energy, Cornwall, PA


“They really work & appreciate their clients new & old.”

Estate of Esther Zettle, State College, PA


“Hornafius is always efficient & dependable.”

Linda Mummert, Elizabethtown, PA


374          “As a new customer, there is not much experience  needing  my insurance agency but, so far they do excel in customer    service!  Making it easier from long distance to complete the process.”

Cheryl Silverman, Albuquerque, NM


“Amy checked out a large increase in premium and properly got it reduced.”

Raymond Deamer, Ephrata, PA


“Everything went Super.  Over  the phone was GREAT and accurate.  Very pleased with coverage and savings.”

Joseph Papiernik, Quakertown, PA


“Dear Joe, I hesitated calling  your agency when I finally did, you increased my coverage on one building and decreased

my total premium several hundred dollars.  You helped me from having to increase my rents.  I appreciated this and I

know the renters did too.”

Jack Wagner, East Berlin, PA


“Good Morning Marvin, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You  were aware that I was looking for ways to reduce my

commercial insurance premiums for my apartment building in New Jersey and you were eager to assist me with that.  I do

want  you to know that even though I was unhappy with my current Insurance Agent I was very pleased with the response

I received from Hornafius Insurance Agency.  Marvin you have been immensely helpful and a wealth of knowledge.  Even

though Hornafius was not able to write my policy you were willing to provide me guidance so I was able to go back to

my current Agent and negotiate coverage and lower premiums I saved over $2400 a year!  I have no words that can

THANK enough for all your efforts.  You have been a GENUINE help!

Robin Brown, Westfield, NJ


“Valerie, I just wanted to say thank you!  It is so nice to always have a friendly and familiar voice on the end of the

line to speak with.  Hornafius has been there for me for years and it’s good to have a trusting relationship with those

who are helping to protect what you hold near & dear to you.  I appreciate you and all of the hard work you do for my

husband and me.  I hope this finds you well and wish you luck and prosperity in the year to come.”

Heather Stoneking, Hopwood, PA


“You saved me over 50% over my previous insurance company.  Very easy process.”

Dennis Miller, Oxford, PA


“Great service! Thanks so much!”

Ann Page, McLean, VA


“Well I just signed on for an 8 family house & thus far Marvin (sales/broker) has been very supportive and prompt!”

Ken Holland, KCK Realty LLC, Flemmington, NJ


“I wanted to take a moment to share how great of a job Marvin did helping us through the insurance cancellation on our Maple Heights property.   Our policy was cancelled a little over a week ago and Middleoak made the reinstatement                     process very difficult.  There were tons of hoops to jump through and different documentation to send. Marvin worked      closely with my management company to gather the info and present it to Middleoak.  I know it was difficult, because I               gave him a lot of grief throughout the process.  He handled it like a professional and got the policy reinstated for us saving                 us money and headaches.  He is a great agent and I will continue to work with him whenever possible.”

David Geisler, Pittsburgh, PA


“Very Happy & Satisfied.”

Sardari Khanna, KSK Associates, York, PA


“Wow! You are really impressing this customer, Jodie! I’ve never felt so important to Hornafius before now. Thanks a       million!”

Shawn Keener, Keener Facilitators Inc, Mount Joy, PA


“Thanks for the quick service on getting insurance quickly on a fast sale so we could avoid delaying settlement.”

Neil Shook, Shamrock LV Properties, Bethlehem, PA


“Great customer service, very friendly, best rates.”

Brett & Sarah Kain, Mount Joy, PA


“Outstanding & responsive service! Thanks!”

Pam Clayborne, York, PA


“You have always been helpful to Heather and me, and we are always very happy to hear your friend voice at the other   end of the line. Thank you.”

Don Stoneking, Hopwood, PA


“One of the best insurance agencies I ever dealt with.”
Clinton Latoff, Coatesville, PA


“Marvin and staff were efficient and prompt. They represent quality companies.”

Dallas Jarrell, Roanoke, VA


“Marvin was very professional and patient with me as I gathered all the
necessary information.”

Andrea Neal, Frederick, MD


“They are very knowledgeable. Switching to Hornafius has saved us money.”

Ricky & Becky Bubeck, Covington, OH


“We were very pleased with Marvin and his ability to answer our questions.  He was patient in working with us.”

Don Ramsey, Amhurst, OH


“We have been pleased with my new insurance policy with your company.  I look forward to working with you again in the               future.”

Leonard Eisenman, Glenside, PA


“You were prompt and took care of what I required. Much appreciated.”

Robert Enck, Elizabethtown, PA


“Kelly updated everything quickly and helped me verify policy information with the most polite customer service! She was               so sweet! I especially appreciated the fact that she kept my contact information in the file. It made doing business very    convenient. She certainly deserves the great recognition!”
Jessica Drobot, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Urbandale, IA


“New client. No issues to report. Service good so far.”

Melvin Adams, Arlington, VA


“You were a pleasure to talk to on the phone and you listen well. Thank you for your reasonable rates. It kept me from    raising my tenets rents.”

Shirley Bokun Newington, CT



Thanks for getting everything done so promptly. You guys are the best.

I can always count on your group to accomplish whatever I need.”

Steve Saunders Elizabethtown, PA


“I would highly recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency, Inc to anyone! I have all my business and personal insurance     with them and am so glad they were recommended to me. Not only do they give me the very best service I have ever had      with any insurance agency –EVER– but I feel they care about me as a person. Each and every employee has been so caring  I feel like part of a family! Thank so much!”

Shelby Greider, Lancaster, PA


“When you call there & talk to Kelly, she does what you ask of her right away, very efficient.”

Angie,  Artistic Foods Catering, York, PA


We’ve had our apartment insurance policy with Hornafius Insurance Agency for several years now and the level of service                I’ve received has exceeded my expectations.   The initial set up of the policy went very smoothly, the policy              statements/invoices are clearly understood and the office staff has always answered my questions in a timely manner.

Jane Ceddia, J & J Ceddia Properties LLC, Loveland, OH


“From front to back, the staff always is personable and prompt.  They have a great deal of product knowledge.  They       stand behind all their products.  Deb, thank you for your kindness and patience.”

Jordan Price, Lancaster, PA


“Responsive to my need and proactively reviewed my coverage.”

Sharon Kay, Lancaster, PA


“They look for the deals/savings for the customer.”

Melody Hubbard, Mount Joy, PA


“I really had the feeling Marvin was looking out for my interests as much as the company’s.  That is very fair.  Marvin       you’re the best.”

Klaus Ritter, Long Beach, CA


“Marvin is a proactive agent , called and addressed an issue before it

Larry Wingard, 401 Commonwealth LLC, Arlington, VA


“The Staff at Hornafius are committed to the highest level of client care.  They are the very best.  Always there when you need them!!!”

Jim Wilson, Hummelstown, PA


” lower rates & great service”

Julie Diaz, Dunellen, NJ


“Answered all questions promptly, courteous and would recommend to others!”

Vincent Delaney, Harrisburg, PA


“Since the moment that Kelly took over our account, she has been awesome to work with!”

Annie Quinn, Storage World LLC, Sinking Spring, PA


” I would recommend Marvin, he went out of his way, to accommodate me.”

Renate Carver, Columbia Station, OH


“Marvin was very nice and got us the answers we needed. But what was spectacular was how he jumped on our case and                got us all set up in the matter of 2 hours. THANKS!”

Marty Hess, Rheems, PA


“Marvin has made everything easy to understand.”

Mary Hewes, Planet Fitness, Lancaster, PA


“Very professional, fast, and found the best offers.  I was very happy and satisfied with how everything was handled!”

Nathan Shambaugh, Lancaster, Pa


“Deb was the epitome of personal and professional service.”

Stan and Carole Wills, Lancaster, PA


“Service   is as good as it was prior to 2007. Thanks”

Kenneth & Helene Smith, Elizabethtown, PA


“The excellent customer service.  Kelly was easy to talk to, quick & efficient.”

Barbara Eyrich, Harleysville Savings Bank, Harleysville, PA


“Great service providers!”

Theodore Comly, Lititz, PA


“Good insurance agency. All the people are very nice. Helpful.”

Kevin Clair, Mechanicsburg, PA


“Kelly is super. She takes all necessary action on her own initiative and never needs follow up.”

Gene Greenberg, Carystar Corp., Falls Church, VA


“Marvin was a real pleasure and very efficient . I was under the gun to get covered by closing and he              made it happen in 2 days ! Awesome.  Professional and courteous .

Michael Hackman, Yardley, PA


“It’s extremely simple why I would recommend Hornafius Insurance Agency to others.  You’re a one stop shop with the best             intentions and bang for saving money for your customers. As well as your quick  response to any problems that occur.”

William Gustafson, Lititz, PA


“Marvin and your team have been extremely responsive to all of my questions and concerns. Their patients and professionalism      with me over the phone is 1st class. Hornafius from a financial stand point is           competitive in the market, provides a high level of       customer service and pleasant to deal with.”

Sean Fitzgerald, Global Energy Services, Timonium, MD


“Why? Because the service is excellent and fast.”

Nathan Stambaugh, Home Climates, Lancaster, PA

“They easily handle all our insurance issues!”

Emily Saunders, Lancaster, PA


“Deb is awesome.”

William & Jacqueline Price, Harrisburg, PA


“We have always been pleased with their work and their product.”

Arthur & Suzanne Lloyd, Elizabethtown, PA


” Responsive customer service and lower costs”

James Bower, Red Hill Enterprises, Parma, OH


“Thanks for your expediency in following my questions about billing.  I received the statement for the amount you stated over the    phone.  This was a “cross” over in the mail.  Everything is good and so are you.”

June Robinson, New Holland, PA


“Good service, good value, local people.:

Susan & Ann Reinhold, Mount Joy, PA


Deb did an awesome job!!!

Tom Heanu, Annville, PA


“Very efficient, answers all questions & very pleasant.”

Mary Noone, Ardmore, PA


“Very helpful.  Managed to get us a good rate. Excellent service.”

Gary & Gayle Welch, Mount Joy, PA


“They handle cases effectively, their service is good and their rates are reasonable.”

Charles Henry, Lambertville, NJ


“Deb was very knowledgeable and professional.”

Richard & Linda Ritter, Bainbridge, PA


“I’ve been with Hornafius for several years and have been pleased with their offerings and service.  Like the new website.”

Joe Carter, Elizabethtown, PA


“I don’t need to contact Hornafius often, the fine people at Hornafius have always contacted me when they feel they can find better rates for me. The most valuable aspect of this website to me, is the information presented here. I’ve often had questions that I neglected to ask when speaking with an agent and now I can get the answers I want quickly without the need to make a phone call.           Any insurance I may require in the future is represented on this site and now I know right where to go for answers. I do not have any         suggestions for improvement at the moment.”

Thomas G. Barosh, Elizabethtown, PA


“Deb initially called us to save us $!!”

Keith & Mary Beth Verner, Hummelstown, PA


“Marvin was very helpful and always pleasant to talk too.  Always returned calls.  Thank You!

Sharon Cuddy


“Good service, nice and friendly people and save money on insurance.”

Mike Hatala, Elizabethtown, PA


I am SUCH a fan of Hornafius Insurance! I have been a customer for years and I always receive prompt, accurate and professional service! Also, the coverage is excellent and my premiums are much more reasonable than my former carrier. A+++++++++ all the way!

Michelle Greer Koudelka


“Very nice people.”

Penny Hatala, Elizabethtown, PA


“3day turnaround, better bundled quote on a house twice our current size & same 2 vehicles w/great company. Thank you, Deb!”

Jason Hoffer, Middletown, PA


“Dependability, very prompt response & resolution of questions, claims.  Everyone is extremely courteous!”

Verna Dorn, Camp Hill, PA


“They are willing to work with me even though my schedule is not conducive to their schedule.”

Keith Brommer, Columbia, PA


“We appreciate your company service over the years and thank you and company for doing a great job of customer service.”

Pearl M. Adams, San Diego, CA


“Good prices, good service, I feel like they care about me, they’re courteous.”

Theresa Dorbert, Newport, PA


“I feel like they care about me. Because with that in mind, I feel that they are doing all that they can for me with my insurance needs. All of the associates at Hornafius Insurance are always available and seem eager to answer or solve any questions or concerns I have had in the 18 plus years my wife and I had with them.”

Joseph Dibart, Elizabethtown, PA


“Good prices, saves me money, always get good service. Agents always take their time to talk and explain things to me.”

John Rusnack, South Hampton, PA


“Good prices, Good coverage at good prices.”

Robert Vogler, Myerstown, PA


Last year I purchased a property in Lehigh Valley Allentown PA and my mother recommended Hornafous insurance group, and I can tell you that it was the best decision to work with them ensuring my property in PA. They shop the best insurance policy for me the entire team was extremely friendly and extremely helpful and communicated really well and helping me get the best policy that I could possibly get on my residential property. So after this positive experience I decided to give them the insurance policy on my commercial property and they also help get me the best policy we could get on this property. Dennis has been phenomenal to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable and has many connections with other insurance brokers outside of Pennsylvania. I will continue to pass my business to Dennis and Hornafius Insurance. I highly highly highly recommend that you ask these guys to shop for you and I can guarantee you that you’ll get the best insurance policy for your property!!! Dennis, I really appreciate you and you really run a customer centric company thank you and please keep up the great work!

Raymond Habash, Hamilton County, IN


Our company has some unique insurance needs and Hornafius has always come thru for us. We can count on Horanafius in a timely manner each and every time we contact them.

Luke & Sherry Quickel, Elizabethtown PA


Very responsive and easy to work with

Dan Walsh, Pittsburgh PA


Great to work with!!

Angie Nett, Artistic Foods Catering LLC, York PA


Hornafius Insurance has the most attentive and friendly staff. They respond to questions via email quickly. They also provide good information about what’s happening in their community and world and how events may affect you. If you haven’t checked out their insurance opportunities, you need to. You’ll receive specialized services from very qualified agents.

Peg Shuffstall, Bellefonte, PA


Amazing company. Friendly, knowledgeable, easy to reach, quick turn-around. It’s been a pleasure working with them for the last few years!

Heidi Mease, Fit Sport LLC, York, PA


The Staff are very friendly and always are very knowledgeable. I am always very happy with the service and will never go thru any other insurance agency 🙂 I am a Hornafius Insurance for lifer. 🙂 Thank you for being there to help me out with my insurance stuff

Melody Hubbard, Mount Joy, PA


These guys are fantastic. Rebecca is super fast and friendly with communication. I’ve dealt with these guys for years – their rates and helpfulness have been top-notch. They really shined when I had a workers comp claim and needed a local head to talk to and help us through it. #golocal #gohornafius

Bryan Baird, E-town Flooring LLC, Elizabethtown PA


Always helpful, proactive and knowledgeable! I’m grateful we have Hornafius in E-town.

Tim Haak, Mile 6 LLC, Elizabethtown PA


The service at Hornafius couldn’t be better. Rebecca is friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and thoroughly prepared. It’s always a pleasure to work with her. 5 stars.

Lisa Greybill, Columbia Public Library, Columbia, PA


I have been working with Hornafius agency for about 2 years now, as we service a mutual client. I, in dealing with Rebecca Keiter, from the lenders perspective, have always been nothing but impressed. Her insurance understanding and servicing is well above the regular agent. She adds a fresh touch to the commercial insurance industry that is greatly appreciated and admired. I would never hesitate to send business to them. Their service and expertise is guaranteed.

Rebecca Kelly, Cohen Financial, Leawood, KS


Consistent Top Notch Customer Service for our Business and Personal Policies!

Barbara O’Brien, O’Brien Flooring and Painting, Middletown, PA


This Agency is Superb! The Owner and Agents take care of their clients by being proactive writing the best policy for the clients’ needs and educating their clients on the proper coverage. The care and concern for their clients does not stop once a policy is written – they maintain relationships with their clients and provide an extremely high level of client satisfaction. Highly recommended Agency!

Jaime Toigo


Incredible people and speedy, personalized service!

Rebecca Hollenbach, Dover, PA


Best insurance we have ever had!! Very helpful, nice, and sincere people, Love it!

Robert Peters, Mechanicsburg, PA


Thorough, detailed and swift!

Anne Wallace-DiGarbo, Lititz, PA


Hornafius is a great company! Very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful staff! They are very honest and only provide me with what I need. I would highly recommend Hornafius for any insurance needs. Thank You!

BJ Reedy, RDS Paving & Seal Coating, Elizabethtown PA


Friendly knowledgeable staff. Always a pleasure to discuss my insurance needs with them.

Klaus Ritter, Long Beach, CA


Great agency. I’ve been with them for over 15 years.

Mark Dion, Palmyra, PA


Fantastic service
Eric Heilman, Lewisberry, PA


Valerie May was amazing. From the time I contacted her, she was able to quickly find the best rate for my homeowners insurance. She was also able to work with me on my closing date changes with no problems.

Cindy Martin


Val and Dennis did a great job getting a homeowners’ policy for us quickly and at a great price. I’m very glad that we went to Hornafius!

Joe Kanfer, Elizabethtown, PA


“Quick process, friendly staff.”

Betty Colonomos, College Park, MD


“Fabulous company to deal with in the difficult world of business insurance! Everyone is extremely helpful and very accommodating!”

Partrice Ziv, Stair Tec Inc., Bensalem, PA



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