Millennial Team

The Value of Millennial Team Members:

Our company owner, Dennis Zubler, has a unique view of these crazy “adults under 40” millennials. He is proud to listen to the perspective of an inexperienced young person because he knows that we aren’t limited by “how it’s always been done”. Before asking a bunch of his peers about a business idea, he will propose it to the group of young people at Hornafius. We call ourselves the “New Hornafius Knights” as a joke sometimes ūüôā

We don’t have a box that limits our idea of “what works”. If it hasn’t been done yet, there’s a chance it will work well. It might be worth a try. That’s a millennial perspective. We are adults (usually defined as ages 18 – 40 ish), but we are young and building our lives on a solid foundation. We usually aren’t financially stable, nor are we too close to retirement. Instead, we are living abundantly in the moment, ready to take some risks and make our work as great as it can be. All of the Millennial team members here have been hired within the last¬†2.5 years, but we are already leaving our impact on the industry.

We take part in industry conversation through Rotary and Chamber of Commerce events, online forums, and community events. We have valuable perspectives, and we aren’t the only ones who believe it! We are heard because they don’t underestimate us and they truly value our voice.

Business leaders: try it out. Instead of hiring the experienced, older team member, try¬†hiring the¬†18 year old who is willing to learn anything you are willing to teach them. Go to them with your everyday business decisions, and listen to their potential solutions. It might take a little effort, but they also might quickly grow to be one of your most valued team members who is almost never limited by “how it’s always been done”. Working with these crazy millennial team members is totally worth it ūüôā

We're always happy to help!

Awesome Things Our Millennial Team Has Done Recently:

  • Alyssa joined the Elizabethtown Rotary club!
  • Alyssa also is helping to start Elizabethtown’s Toastmaster’s Club!
  • Julia presented her observations regarding use of testimonials to a group of Round Table members. Dennis and Julia made this presentation together and it seems to have been received well!
  • Alyssa¬†is researching insurance perspectives and adding this experience to her blog.