Vacation Property Insurance


Are you keeping up to date with the FEMA changes?  Do the changes scare you?  The vacation property that you love could become the asset that you dread most. Generally, insurance is based on the worst case scenario and will be there IF you need it. What would the cost be if the question wasn’t IF you need it, but WHEN you will need it?  Vacation properties usually fit into the second scenario of WHEN you will need it. Let us help you with your options for insuring your vacation property.

Don’t expose your precious vacation property to more than just the elements. Make sure that your vacation property insurance shelters you from the financial costs of hazards unique to vacation homes. You need vacation property insurance that can handle the variety of natural disasters unique to the coast. Hurricanes, rising tides, unexpected storms can all ruin your wonderful retreat. Fortunately, you can shelter yourself from the financial risk.

You are probably worried about the cost of a vacation property insurance policy in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Virginia. Don’t be, for it’s probably less than you think and will be a home-saver when disaster strikes. Vacation property insurance is available to anyone who needs to insure a home located on or near the ocean. Typically these policies are specifically designed for your state, location and needs.

Two reasons to act right now:

  1. First, recent law changes mean that you need to make sure your policy has all the latest updates.
  2. Second, just Request a Quote and we’ll get you a custom quote for vacation property insurance that will insure your house will survive a disaster.