Personal Umbrella Insurance


In our country the legal system works against you in three ways:

  • The cost is little to nothing to start a lawsuit.
  • In court trials juries and judges are as unpredictable as the weather.
  • Defense costs can be enormous.


In addition to these factors, our society allows litigation to follow the deepest pockets. And so, when someone has been injured, their attorney names everyone possible in the lawsuit and the people with any assets are the ones that pay for the injuries even if they weren’t directly responsible.


The question that arises over and over is: How much liability protection should I have? And the answer is slightly more than you’re going to get sued for!  I often hear the argument that my total assets are under $500,000 so therefore I only need a policy limit of $500,000. The problem with this kind of thinking is that you can still get sued for $1,000,000 and lose everything you own.  In fact even in conservative Central Pennsylvania juries have awarded individuals awards in excess of $6 million!!


So I ask you, what are your limits on your auto and home insurance policies? $300,000? $500,000?


It’s not enough!  You’ve worked hard for many years to get to where you are today don’t risk having all thrown away because you did not have a personal umbrella policy. Have you ever been distracted by your phone while you are driving? All it takes is that split-second of distraction to cause a major traffic accident and be facing a major liability lawsuit.


Have you ever operated a snowmobile, boat, 4 wheeler, golf cart or other motorized vehicle that you didn’t own? If so, you may well have done so without any liability protection at all. In many cases such as this a personal umbrella policy would drop down and provide you with liability protection even though you did not have your own policy for that specific exposure.


What you need is extra protection and an umbrella policy can provide that protection at a very reasonable cost.  Some policies can be as low as $11 a month!  So don’t let your auto and home policies be your only coverage. Rev up your protection with an umbrella policy.


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