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Whether you consider your car a classic or an antique, we have the protection you need for your vehicles.

As a car enthusiast you have a unique hobby! Don’t make the mistake of using your standard auto insurance policy to insure your special vehicle. Instead, protect it with a classic car insurance policy from Hornafius Insurance Agency. Classic vehicles come in all sizes, styles, shapes, and ages with unique features. Because of this, you would not take your gem to just any body shop, and you shouldn’t take it to just any insurance company. A standard auto insurance policy will not give you the coverage you should have for your classic vehicle, and it will charge more than you should pay. Therefore, the standard auto policy equals less coverage for more money.

The solution: Insure your classic with antique car insurance policy from an insurance company that will treat you and your classic vehicle with the special coverage you deserve. You can even be given a discount for the care you give to your classic vehicle. Call an independent agent at Hornafius Insurance Agency that knows how to treat owners of classic vehicles. Let them show you how to get more coverage and pay less! Simply Request a Quote or call us at (717) 367-5126 to get your risk-free antique car insurance quote.

A guaranteed amount of coverage is a must when insuring your classic vehicle. With a standard auto insurance policy you never know how much the insurance company will pay you for your car. With a classic car insurance policy designed for your antique vehicle, it will be guaranteed what you will be paid if your vehicle is totaled or stolen.

At Hornafius Insurance Agency, you know you have something special in your antique car insurance. It’s not just another car or mode of transportation. It truly is special to you. Because of this, you treat it different that your other cars. We work with an insurance company that will give you a significant discount for the way you treat your classic.

Hornafius Insurance Agency is located just a few miles from the Antique Automobile Club of America in Hershey, Pennsylvania.