Earthquake Insurance


Make Sure You Are Prepared For The Worst

Almost ALL property insurance policies DO NOT cover damage from earthquakes!

This includes Homeowners Insurance, Condominium Insurance policies and dwelling fire policies. Also, commercial buildings are usually not covered for damage caused by earthquake. Only an Earthquake Insurance policy will protect you from the damage an earthquake can cause.

Refer to your insurance policy regarding earthquake and earth movement. You will probably find it under exclusions in your policy. This is also a good time to read about other exclusions, such as flood, insects, and more.

Earthquake Insurance – Protect What Matters Most

Very few people in the states we serve of Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia have added Earthquake Insurance coverage to their property insurance. After all we don’t live in an earthquake area, … do we? I slept through my first earthquake while in California. My second experience was in Boston at a meeting and my chair felt like it was coming apart and the light fixtures suspended from the ceiling started to sway, and the epicenter was in Virginia. That was August 23, 2011.


August 23, 2011 – Tens of millions of people in the eastern U.S. and southeastern Canada were startled by sudden ground shaking from a rare, magnitude 5.8 earthquake in central Virginia. Several small earthquakes occur every month in the eastern U.S.. It is estimated that approximately one third of the U.S. population could have felt this earthquake (more than any other earthquake in U.S. history). Around 148,000 people reported their ground-shaking experiences from the earthquake on the USGS “Did You Feel It?” website. Shaking reports came from southeastern Canada to Florida and westward to locations near the Mississippi River. Most reported no damage, however, moderately heavy damage did occur to schools, businesses, and homes in rural Louisa County. Until August 23, the last earthquake of any significant size in the Susquehanna Valley was in January of 1994. The magnitude was 4.7 and the epicenter was just west of Reading, PA.

In Ohio, WKYC reported on the 2011 New Year’s Eve earthquake that shook Youngstown, Ohio and measured 4.0 on the Richter scale.

And Yes, The Earth Does Quake In New England!

In the evening of October 16, 2012 residents of Hollis Center, Maine felt the ground shake from a magnitude 4.0 earthquake centered in southern Maine. This earthquake was felt across New England and into New York, New Jersey and Canada. Near the epicenter people reported that their whole houses shaking saying, “it felt like a train going right through their house.”

Some Questions to Consider…

What is the construction of your house? During an earthquake a frame house will shake and a masonry house will crack and break. If severe enough significant damage can happen to any structure.

The Next East Coast Earthquake – Are You Ready? Because of minimal property damage in the past, coverage for damage caused by earthquake is relatively inexpensive to add to your homeowners’ policy.

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