Tenant Occupied Commercial Buildings


It’s not about insurance, it’s about risk of loss.  What steps can you take to reduce your need for insurance?  Let’s look at the real cost of loss first.

It’s true that owning tenant occupied commercial buildings can be quite lucrative. However, repairs to commercial rental properties can be incredibly expensive, which will make it difficult to profit from your investment if you are not properly prepared.  When we were young, many of us played the game Monopoly.  Today you are playing the real life game of Monopoly with real money and real risk.  As long as everything goes according to plan you will be successful and win.  However, have you properly planned if something goes wrong?  As you already know there are many factors beyond your control.  The first may be tenants.  The number one unexpected that is sure to happen at sometime will be from tenants.  If you have a large number of units or have been in this game for long you have probably experienced many unexpected events.  Some of them are a nuisance, some of them hurt financially, and some of them can put you out of business if you aren’t properly prepared.

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At Hornafius Insurance Agency we offer detailed commercial rental property insurance backed by years of experience. Our agents will help you with comparing policy coverage, options and rates for even the most multifaceted situations. We will work hard to help you secure the coverage that you need to keep your investment protected.

Our industry knowledge and experience working with commercial real estate owners makes it possible for us to help you in the selection of commercial rental property insurance options that are uniquely designed to protect your property investments. In addition, we are here to help you with additional insurance needs, such as general liability, flood insurance, workers compensation and more. We will carefully review your specific commercial real estate insurance needs and offer advice on our wide array of policies and products.

Since no insurance company does everything well, we have access to many insurance companies and can find the best pricing/coverage combination.  Many of these insurance companies will compete for your business.  We know how to negotiate to get you the best rates possible.


Available Products

As the building owner of retail stores, office buildings, shopping centers, light industrial, mixed use or other types of tenant occupied commercial buildings, you will benefit greatly from our expert advice and assistance in building the ideal insurance program to best suit your needs.

  • Business income and additional expense – reimburses the owner of the commercial building for the loss of rental income and any other expenses that result from a covered loss.
  • Commercial property insurance – covers your building structure, business property used to maintain the premise and contents.
  • Comprehensive general liability – indemnifies your business for a negligence claim that is made by a third party
  • Commercial umbrella liability – provides liability protection when your general liability limits have been exhausted.
  • Earthquake and flood insurance – provides you with protection against any damages that are caused due to bodies of water overflowing or damage caused by earth movement and earthquakes
  • Employment practices liability – coverage that is available to pay for the legal costs to defend you against any claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment as well as legal liability related to these actions
  • Tenant discrimination liability – pays for legal defense and awards for allegations of discrimination by tenants or potential tenants.
  • Environmental liability – built to offer you protection for any liability risk exposures that you may face due to injury or damage caused by pollution, including the cost of cleanups
  • Equipment breakdown insurance – will provide you with protection against loss that is caused by the disruption of machinery and boilers by an insured loss as well as loss to the machinery and boiler itself, property damage and business interruption loss. Also covers electrical surge.
  • Workers compensation – will provide benefits to your employees if they sustain an injury or contract an illness during the course of their employment that is related to the job.

These are just some of the primary coverage options that may be available for your commercial real estate insurance policy. In addition, many other types of valuable coverage options may also be available to you.


The Importance of Adequate Insurance

When you own commercial rental properties that are occupied by tenants, you are exposed to a large number of special risks. This means that you require special coverage. Hornafius Insurance Agency will help make sure that you understand these exposures and we will provide you with the coverage that you feel you need to protect your assets at the most affordable price. This coverage will protect you and your business against the risk of losing revenue from storm damage, fire damage, water damage, vandalism as well as many other devastating events. We are the solution to safeguarding your long term investment and insuring your long lasting stream of income.

It is vital that you are covered in case anything ever happens to your commercial rental property. Securing such protection now is an excellent idea and may very well end up saving you thousands of dollars, valuable time and the annoying headache of dealing with the aftermath of an unforeseen event.

At Hornafius Insurance, we understand that every tenant occupied commercial rental property is unique. Regardless of the type of property you own and who your tenants may be, it is important that you are protected with the right coverage. This means that you need the right level of liability coverage, commercial building coverage and everything in between.

You cannot afford to wait until something happens to take action. Make your move right now by taking just a moment to Request a Quote. At no risk to you, you will soon be able to see just how affordable the right type of insurance can be. The peace of mind that you will get from knowing that your tenant occupied commercial rental property is adequately protected is invaluable.