Errors & Omissions Insurance – PA


Are you considered a professional? Do you hold a license to do your job?  Do you have a specific education or training and consult or advise other people?  If so, courts may view what your business does as professional liability, exposing you to potential liability claims for errors and omissions.  Your business may be very successful, but in today’s litigious society people get sued for very minor issues. Are you prepared to cover the costs and stress arising from a professional liability lawsuit? You can protect your business from attorney’s fees, court costs and any professional liability judgment with an errors and omissions insurance policy, sometimes referred to as Professional Liability.

We all make mistakes. You do not want your business health to rely on never making a mistake.  The stress of litigation against you can mentally exhaust you from driving your business. With errors and omissions insurance in Pennsylvania, you can relax knowing that your court costs and potential liabilities are covered.

With all of the coverage provided by an E&O insurance policy, it is one of the best insurance investments that you can make.

You may think that you are covered from these risks by your general liability insurance policy but it typically does not cover contract performance, errors or disputes. You need specific errors and omissions insurance to have protection from these types of claims.

Some examples of business professions that should have Errors & Omissions or Professional Liability insurance include but is not limited to: Accountants, CPAs, Tax Preparers, Appraisers, Architects, Attorneys, Court Reporters, Designers, Educators, Engineers, Lawyers, and Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

Two reasons to act now:

  1. Pennsylvania Errors and omissions insurance needs to be purchased prior to beginning a project, ahead of a product launch, or before signing a contract for professional services. Make sure your business is fully protected.
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