Contractor’s Insurance – PA


Being successful in the contracting business is not easy. Every day you have to think about and manage employees, marketing, estimates/bids, administration, and insurance. If doing all this wasn’t difficult enough, then you have to understand your insurance program to make sure that you have the coverage you need when a loss occurs.

Many of the contracts that you sign have significant liability issues attached to them. We find that many agents simply generate a certificate of insurance without considering the implications to your contractor’s insurance program. In many of these agreements, you are agreeing to pick up liability of the project owner on your policies and in turn substantially impair your own liability protection. In many cases the job may be worth the additional exposure however if you don’t realize that you are picking up that liability you cannot make an informed decision as to taking on the job and/or making modifications to your insurance program to keep you properly protected.

A properly written Pennsylvania contractors insurance program should include most of the following coverage:
  • General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Building and Contents
  • Tool coverage
  • Equipment coverage
  • Borrowed or rented equipment coverage
  • Bonds
  • Mobile equipment
  • Umbrella coverage

Within each of these coverage areas there are many coverage options some of which will be critical to your particular situation that will need to be included in your insurance program.

An insurance professional at Hornafius Insurance Agency will be able to put together a customized contractor’s insurance program where you will understand and be in control of various types of coverage that you need and want. In the long run, a quality insurance program will be the least expensive and very worthwhile.

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