Car Wash Insurance – PA


Having a top-quality car wash insurance program is critical to the financial stability of your business! Car washes have unique exposures that often are not covered on a standard insurance policy. Whether the car wash is a fully automated, self-service bays or a full labor car wash you have exposures to frequent slip and fall claims, bodily injury claims from your equipment and vehicle damage claims.  You could also have an environmental impairment exposure due to run off and/or seepage into the water table.

Aside from outside lawsuits car washes have a heavy dependency on local utilities such as power and water. The standard policy will not provide you protection for the failure of these utilities when the failure occurs off of the premises.  You will need to add a special coverage to protect your revenue stream from this type of loss.

Not only can the professionals at Hornafius insurance agency design a program to cover the unique issues mentioned above, but they will also include all the standard coverage that you would expect to see in a well-designed insurance program such as: building, business personal property, loss of income, business auto, workers compensation and other incidental coverage such as employment practices liability.

Thinking of going forward without a quality insurance program? Don’t! A Pennsylvania car wash insurance program is affordable and a key component to your successful business plan.


Two reasons to act now:

1. Don’t allow another car to go through your car wash without knowing that you are fully protected from potential claims– even unjustified ones.

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