Artisan Contractors Insurance – PA


As a contractor that specializes in a trade, your business is founded on precise work.  Artisan or trade contractors insurance has specialized aspects of coverage that must be customized to properly fit your business.

Whether you are an electrician, roofing contractor, drywall installer, HVAC contractor, plumber, painter, carpenter, paving contractor, remediation contractor, landscaper or excavator you need an insurance professional that knows the special coverage issues associated with contracting insurance.

Having the right contractor insurance coverage is far more involved than having just the basic coverage for:

  • Autos
  • General liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Business personal property

Many other insurance agencies contract insurance packages that fall far short of addressing the specific needs of contractors. Often coverage is inadequate or nonexistent in the areas of:

  • Property in your care custody and control
  • Hired or borrowed equipment
  • Owned equipment (watch for coinsurance issues)
  • Job site materials
  • Materials and equipment in transit
  • Improperly handled liability transfers in construction contracts

Another area frustration for many contractors is that of payroll audits. The laws of Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation have changed substantially for contractors in the past few years. Having an agent that knows how to properly set up officer exclusions, educating you as to how to keep records for assignment of payroll to proper class codes, and helping you understand how 1099’s will impact you at audit time are all part of the professional service you receive from Hornafius insurance agency at no extra cost to you.

We understand that you are often busy running your business and don’t always think far in advance about your insurance needs. We are here to take care of your requests and to process those requests within hours. So, when you need that last-minute certificate or to add that new vehicle we are here to help.

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