Convenience Store Insurance Program – PA


Stop Spending So Much on Insurance!

When you catch an employee stealing from you, it hurts. Aside from it being a violation of trust there are additional costs to you in your business. Not only is there the loss of product but having insurance claims can significantly increase your cost of insurance.

As the owner/operator of a convenience store in Pennsylvania, you could be hurt even more by:

  • Gaps in your protection. This occurs when part of your operation is not properly insured. This could cost you your business.
  • Spending too much time and money on an ineffective insurance program. This is a waste of the money you earn.

Stop worrying about this by contacting Hornafius Insurance Agency today. Call us at (717) 367 – 5126. We are in the business of taking care of your protection gaps and minimizing your insurance costs.

We’ll take the time to review your operation and help you make informed decisions about your convenience store insurance program. We’ll make sure that you understand your typical exposures and some of the exposures you typically haven’t heard much about.  Some of these might include: employment practices liability, off premise utility failure, food spoilage, pollution liability and much more.

We will also help you structure safety programs designed to lower the risk of how you provide products and services to your customers. Examples of such programs may include preventing employee theft, workplace safety programs, OSHA compliance, among others. The lower the risk environment that you create the lower your insurance costs will be in the long run.

Hornafius Insurance Agency Is Your Convenience Store Insurance Expert

At Hornafius Insurance Agency, we’ve been insuring convenience store owners for many years. Set up your superior convenience store insurance program today by Requesting a Quote or calling the office at (717) 367-5126. After a short review of your needs and objectives we will create a customized insurance program for your business.

We look forward to working with you!