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A Constant in an Unpredictable World

Dennis Zubler, President of Hornafius Insurance Agency, grew up on a dairy farm milking 32 cows and tilling 173 acres.  His first job after graduating from college was working for Farm Credit and Federal Land Bank making agricultural loans.  The first loan that he handled by himself was for a twin engine airplane.

People talk about how things have changed, but you and I know they have no idea about operating a successful farming operation today.  Farmers have had to make many changes to continue to be successful.  Every generation of farmers needs to be more knowledgeable than the last.

When we think about farming we think about the obvious, including land, buildings, livestock, equipment, and crops.  However, does anyone on your farm do anything that is considered non-farming?  What about something as seemingly innocuous as a hayride, corn maize or a haunted house occasionally offered at the farm to generate some extra income? If someone is hurt at one of those events, a standard farm insurance policy will not cover it. That could make you the target of a lawsuit for which you are left unprotected.

Does your wife sell a product or service that the insurance company would say is non-farming?  Even if this is more of a hobby or just something of a social nature, you could be exposing yourself to financial loss.  If someone came to your farm for a non-farm purpose and was accidentally hurt, your farm insurance policy would probably deny a claim and you would be left “holding the bag”.

Insurance people call these “protection gaps.” Farm operations possess the potential for a lot of gaps. Any missing sliver of protection not adequately addressed could cost you money, time, or even your farm!

If you are uncertain about what your policy covers, if you have altered your farm processes, or you are concerned that you might not have the right protection, contact Hornafius Insurance Agency. Here you will discover people who will make sure your farm operations stay protected by staunch insurance. In your unpredictable world, we will be your constant!

Hornafius Insurance Agency Is Your Pennsylvania Farm Insurance Expert

Since 1919, the insurance veterans at Hornafius Insurance Agency have provided PA farm insurance for big and small farm operations in the Pennsylvania area. We are known as reliable, competent and knowledgeable about farm insurance. We keep up on insurance protection related to all of the latest technological advances in the industry.

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