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Pennsylvania Liability Insurance

As a business owner, every transaction you complete represents both a profit and a risk. Have you fully protected your business from the impact that a customer lawsuit can have? Only a precisely crafted liability insurance policy can shield your business from this expense and stress.

Being a business owner has its risks and rewards. Every transaction that you are involved in represents the opportunity to make a profit, but there is also the risk of causing an injury or some sort of property damage. Purchasing just any liability policy is better than no policy at all, however, you may be exposing your business to dangerous insurance gaps. That’s why it is critical for you to get a liability insurance program that has been precisely crafted to protect your business from both the common and the uncommon liability exposures that you will face.

We will design a liability insurance program to match your business. Such a policy will cover the cost of legal fees, court costs, settlements and awards if any occur. The policy will give you the peace of mind to successfully run your business day-to-day and get a good night’s sleep each evening.

Our Pennsylvania liability insurance program can be tailored to match any business and protect it from lawsuits. We can specifically cover the following liability areas for your business:

  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Personal injury liability
  • Advertising liability
  • Professional liability

We also highly suggest that you consider purchasing a commercial umbrella policy that will provide additional limits of liability. These additional limits will cover over your general liability, business auto liability, and employer liability.

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