Janitorial Insurance


Are you putting everything you have into your janitorial business?

Your business could disappear overnight from just one small error if you do not have a quality insurance program in place. In today’s litigious climate it’s difficult to know when a lawsuits might arise against your business, but certainly losses will eventually occur.

Your janitorial business exposures are unique because you and your employees are working on someone else’s property- in many cases when there is no one else there. A properly designed janitorial insurance program will provide special coverage that will plug the gaps seen in many standard insurance policies. A standard policy does not cover property in your care, custody, and control while you are cleaning it. The policy probably not cover your exposure to employee theft of your customer’s property either.

Our janitorial insurance specialist will work with you to help analyze your exposures and design a customized janitorial insurance program specifically for your business and its exposures. Such a program will include but is not limited to the following key coverage items:

  • General liability (including care, custody, and control)
  • Business auto insurance (including liability coverage for non-owned/employee vehicles)
  • Off premises business personal property
  • Bonds (for employee theft of customer’s property)
  • Workers compensation

Our Pennsylvania janitorial insurance program is available to business owners that work in the cleaning industry. The program can be specifically designed to insure businesses that clean office buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, apartment buildings or private homes.

There is no reason to wait. Here are two reasons to get started right away:

  1. You want to make sure that your business is protected against all claims before you enter another client’s property.
  2. You can get a no obligation insurance proposal right away, no risk involved. Simply Request a Quote or give us a call at (717) 367 – 5126.

The cost of a quality janitorial insurance program is far less expensive than you may think, so contact us today!

We’re looking forward to working with you!