Health and Fitness Business Insurance


Running a health and fitness center is hard enough, and having the proper Health & Fitness Business Insurance is a necessity to protect you and your staff from the multitude of potential claims your business faces every day. Listed below are some of the things that could lead to claims in your health and fitness business:

  • You advise on: equipment use, workout routines, or diet
  • You sell: clothing, dietary supplements, shakes, or food
  • You offer: spin classes, zumba, yoga, specialized classes, free weights, all kinds of exercise machinery, tanning, massage therapy and more.

You, your personal trainers and instructors are as careful as possible to prevent injuries, however claims occur in even the best fitness centers. The professionals at Hornafius Insurance Agency have been insuring fitness centers and gyms for many years.  Over the years we have seen many claims, some may have been foreseeable and avoidable. However, most of the liability claims that we see are “fluke” occurrences.  A spin bike pedal breaks lacerating the leg of a gym member, an older woman trips on the edge of a mat and falls and breaks her arm, a free weight bar drops and breaks someone’s nose. Yes, claims do occur.

In the legal world, there is an ever expanding interpretation of “Professional Liability”. Many activities that occur at fitness centers were once considered to be general liability exposures but are now being considered professional liability exposures.  Have you read your policy lately to know if you are covered for professional liability?No? Our staff read the forms so that we can advise you properly!

We will design a quality health and fitness insurance program that will meet your specific needs. All types of fitness centers can be insured on our program and you can get a quality policy for much less money than you’d expect.

Not only will we write your general liability and professional liability, but we can integrate coverage for buildings, business personal property, workers compensation, business autos and more!


Exclusive Program available for PLANET FITNESS Franchises!

All of our Planet Fitness Centers have saved significant dollars with our program.  The benefits of our program doesn’t stop there. You also get personal service from our knowledgeable staff that will design a superior protection program that beats the competition.

It’s time to get your insurance program in shape!

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