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As an owner of a craft brewery, not only do you need to be concerned about quality ingredients, brew design, marketing, and sales, you also need to protect your assets from an unexpected loss. Here at Hornafius Insurance Agency our knowledgeable experts have years of experience working with the alcohol production industry, and our Craft Brewery Insurance program is designed specifically with you in mind. Whether you are a startup operation or have been in business for years, we have a program that we can customize to meet your exact needs.

Microbrewery Insurance is essential for any brewery just starting out, especially to provide the financial backing to keep you in business following a loss. Losses may come from many different areas including fires, mechanical breakdowns, slip and falls, liquor liability claims, and more.

The insurance experts at Hornafius Insurance Agency can be trusted to offer you the best advice because we take a genuine interest in your brewery. Our policies are a must-have for any brewing operation. In fact, the right coverage can mean the difference between thriving and failing.

The Most Common Policies To Protect Your Brewery

Your brewery needs every advantage that you can get. Our talented experts will make certain that you have the right combination of coverage options at a price that fits your budget.

  • Liability Insurance – You will need this type of coverage before you ever sell a single unit of product. There are several different types of liability options that can be included in your Craft Brewery Insurance policy, such as product liability, liquor liability, advertising liability, on and off premises liability and many others.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – Your property insurance is necessary to cover everything that you need to produce your product. This included everything from your yeast and mash tuns to your computers and office desks. You need this coverage to protect the investment that you have made in building your plant. If the space that you use is leased, your Business Property Insurance will cover any improvements or customizations that you make as a tenant, including concrete coating to prevent slips and trenching drains. In addition, your business income will be protected in the event that your operations are ever suspended for any length of time.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Equipment breakdown coverage is an important aspect of your Microbrewery Insurance policy. You will not be able to generate an income if there is a disruption in your productions or if you do not have access to water or power. If your equipment fails to work properly or is damaged, this policy will protect you against the cost to replace or repair damages.
  • Property In Transit Insurance – Also known as inland marine insurance, this coverage will protect your equipment and finished products while they are being transported, up to a predetermined limit. Keg companies often require you to obtain this type of insurance if you lease the kegs that you use in your brewery.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Even if the vehicle that you use for your business is not in the name of your company, you may still want to invest in a Business Auto Insurance policy. This policy will not only cover liability for the vehicles that are owned by you, but also your employees’ vehicles and any that you rent.
  • Workers Compensation – Whether you have one employee or one hundred, you need Workers Compensation to be included in your policy. This will take care of medical bills and lost salary for employees that are injured or become ill while on the job at your brewery.

Make sure that all your hard work to have a great production year does not end up wasted. Do not leave your livelihood exposed to risks for another day. Act now by requesting a no-risk quote right away and find out how much Hornafius Insurance Agency can save you by investing in the right Microbrewery Insurance policy today.

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