Laundromat Insurance


Insure More Than Your Machines

There are more exposures to loss than suds in a laundromat. Ruined clothing, slip and fall liability issues, machinery breakdowns, and vandalism, just to name a few.

I’ve heard of a heartbreaking situation in which a hard-working laundromat owner was paying for an insurance program for his washers, dryers, and pressers. One day the building caught on fire and all the equipment was ruined. The insurance company quickly paid to replace his machines- however, due to the fire, the building could not be immediately occupied and it would take some time to restore the property.

Unfortunately, laundromat owner had neglected to purchase loss of income insurance as part of his insurance program. If he had, insurance company would have paid for any extra expense that he incurred due to the loss. They also would have paid him for the profit that he would’ve made had the business remained open. Instead he had to file bankruptcy and he ended up losing his business.

When you partner with one of the professionals at Hornafius Insurance Agency, we will help educate you and work with you to design a customized laundromat insurance program that will protect you and your business so that an unforeseen event will not put you out of business.

Such a quality laundromat insurance program will include not only the standard coverage for general liability, property, and workers compensation, but all the special coverage that is related specifically to your business. This includes equipment breakdown, off premise utility failure, special equipment replacement cost, and much more.

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