Sales Producer

SUPERSTARS ONLY – Sales Producer

We are looking for some one great to be part of a close working team.
This is an opportunity to take control over one’s time and financial future.
We are in the insurance industry, but we don’t hire backgrounds. We hire top producers. We offer a recession proof future and a career you can’t outgrow!
You MUST have experience working on the phone and prove you are GREAT at it!

If you have never been highly successful in a position where you had to make calls each day, please don’t apply for this position.

The Qualified Individual should have:

• Experience talking with business owners to present information that leads to a sales close. You must be a real star at presenting one to one.
• Proven cold calling experience.
• Understand the solution sale – consultative selling.
• You develop deep and meaningful rapport with your clients and communicate with persuasiveness.
• Must be able to self- manage.
• A fearless attitude and a drive for achievement and financial stability.


We have the best training and the best opportunity for your future. If you are the right person you cannot afford to turn down this career. Young or old, if you have the skills, we’ll know!



Excellent 100% commission structure. Build your business on residual income. If you are a star, you can earn $150K plus.
PLEASE DO NOT APPLY THROUGH INDEED. Contact us at (844) 470-4307 for additional details on your business opportunity and further steps to apply!