Driving Already?! Teen Driver Safety Week

When was the last time you looked in the window of the car beside you at a red light and thought, “WAIT, that kid is old enough to DRIVE? I remember when he was three years old!”? How about when the new 16-year-old driver gets their permit and everyone thinks they are the first to … Continued

National Fire Prevention Week

It’s National Fire Prevention Week! This is an important one because we regularly hear claims from clients who have terrible house fires. Of course, these devastating events can bring great bits of joy too, but usually the immediate effects are difficult to deal with. When I was only 11 years old my family had a … Continued

Busy Week

It’s easy to appreciate people when they are gone. It was particularly busy this week at the office because three of my co-workers were out on Monday and Tuesday, one is still out on Wednesday, and I will be out on Thursday and Friday. It is a combination of further education classes and vacations for … Continued

Star Contest

We are having a contest here at Hornafius! In an effort to get more reviews on Google, our Facebook account, and our website, we have a plan. You can read the more detailed explanation here, but here’s the basics. When someone leaves a review, their name goes into a raffle. At the end of the contest (September 30th), we will … Continued

Changing the Hiring Process

Many small, growing businesses are almost always on the lookout for new potential employees. The president of Hornafius has some lofty goals for our office, as I would guess many of his peers do too. I have been thinking about the hiring process again this week. In the search for a receptionist, very few potential … Continued

Common Challenges for Medicare Seniors – by Jon Ebersole

Over the past two decades, Medicare plan options have greatly increased and have become increasing difficult to manage. There are many challenges seniors have in choosing a Medicare health plan. While seniors appreciate having a range of options, most feel like they lacked the tools and knowledge to choose the plan that works best for … Continued

This Awesome Ministry: Hope Within

Maybe you are tired of me writing about Hope Within, but I genuinely believe in what they are doing. I fully support their cause, so I don’t mind writing about them! This week we published the last of a three-part video series starring Hope Within and the people who work there. Donita Sturgis, President of … Continued

National Insurance Day = Celebrate with Ice Cream!

Wednesday of this week was National Insurance Day! I know most people probably don’t bother celebrating this one, but it seemed like a great reason for the marketing girl at the local insurance agency to have some ice cream… and give other people ice cream! When we celebrated National Chocolate Ice Cream Day a few … Continued

You can TEXT us now!

Texting seems to be the new best way to communicate. I am not only saying this from a millennial’s perspective. Many credible research projects have shown that 99% of texts are opened, and 97% of them receive a reply within three minutes. I think this sounds a lot better than playing phone-tag with the agent … Continued

RYLA 2017: Service is the Highest Form of Leadership

They put 137 high school seniors labeled “leaders” in one camp for five days. I thought it was going to be a social disaster. One student who wants to lead, so many other students who are used to leading must be followers. Leaders who are not sure how to communicate with others when no “ranks” … Continued