Pennsylvania Commercial Auto Insurance


Pennsylvania Commercial Auto Insurance

One of the most likely areas to have losses is with commercial vehicles. Losses resulting from the use of vehicles owned or operated for business purposes can vary from small incidental claims to multi-million dollar claims.

In today’s world it is so easy to be distracted while you’re driving. Distractions come from phone calls, text messages, adjusting music, other people in the vehicle and a multitude of other things.  All it takes is that one moment of distraction to cause a serious accident. Business auto insurance can be one of the most complex insurance coverage that you will ever buy and that is why it is so critical to get a policy that accurately matches your exposures.

Here at Hornafius Insurance Agency, our agents have had extensive training on how to design a commercial auto policy to keep your business on the road.  We will analyze your business auto exposures, discuss coverage options with you, shop insurance pricing with multiple companies and provide you with a proposal that is easy to understand.

Many insurance agents really do not understand business auto insurance. Here are a few types of exposures that are often improperly insured: business owner uses a business vehicle for personal use, employee uses their own vehicle for business purposes, business occasionally rents vehicles, a business use vehicle insured on a personal auto policy, medical coverage is provided to employees who are already covered by workers compensation, vehicles owned personally by business owner but insured on commercial auto policy, vehicles no longer owned but still listed on policy, new vehicles added but not listed on policy, state required vehicle filings that were never filed, vehicle customization’s not specifically insured, and many more.

So I suggest you get started on putting together a great insurance program for your business automobiles.

Two reasons to do it today:

1.       Unfortunately you don’t realize that you have a gap in your insurance until after the claim has occurred and then it’s too late.

2.       It doesn’t cost you any more to have a great agent that does to have an average agent and in the long run the great agent will be less expensive.

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